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Did you feel that there was something missing from The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Something that would tie the whole movie together? A number of somethings, even? Some visual, almost scenic things which, added into the movie, would make it a better whole?

Well, if so, then you're not alone. Whats more, a petition has gone up on asking Sony to release a director's cut of the film, including scenes that were spotted in Teaser Trailers, but not in the final release.

The petition also asks fans to share the idea not only with Spider-Fans everywhere, but specifically with Marc Webb, the film's director.

It's an interesting approach - chasing the director of a film to produce a director's cut, only weeks after it's initial release.

It's also the sort of fan response Terry Gilliam would probably kill for.

What do you guys think? Should we see a director's cut of The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Let me know below!


Should Sony release a director's cut of The Amazing Spider-Man 2?



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