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Modern day Hollywood blockbuster casting announcements are big events. They build anticipation, they develop innovative ways to spread the news and, all the time, utmost secrecy must be kept. However, back in 1975 things were a bit different - a simple short article in a trade magazine was enough to do the job.

Last week, Star Wars fans finally got to see who would carrying the torch in Star Wars: Episode VII. The news quickly spread around the internet like wildfire, with outlets everywhere clamoring to break it as quickly as possible. To juxtapose this, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, scoured their archives and uncovered the original casting announcement from Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope (or simply, The Star Wars, as it was known then). The articles certainly contain a few interesting surprises, namely that Luke Skywalker was originally been named Starkiller and that Star Wars was described as an 'outer space comedy-adventure'. Take a look at the stories below:

However, the Academy didn't stop there. They also uncovered a ticket for a preview of the original Star Wars, an article about the growing Star Wars cult and a congratulatory note to George Lucas posted in The Hollywood Reporter by Steven Spielberg. Check them out below:

This certainly is a blast from the past, don't you think? It's strange to think that back then, no one really knew or cared what 'The Star Wars' was all about, or what it would become.

Do you think Star Wars an legitimately be called a comedy-adventure? Let us know below?


Is the Star Wars Saga a comedy-adventure?

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