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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. So far, just one trailer for the movie has been released. But there is another due next week, and FOX has already put out a fearsome looking sneak peek.

The plot of the movie is said to focus on a time when the fate of humans and apes are at a critical juncture. Andy Serkis, who plays the Apes' leader Caesar, has been speaking about the story:

This is now a community of about 2,000 apes. For the first eight years [after the humanity-devastating virus], the apes were looking down from Muir Woods to San Francisco and could see lights and fires, but now it's gone very quiet. Until this day in our film when this small band of humans comes up. That's suddenly a huge, dividing moment in the lives of these apes. There are some particularly strong reactions to the humans and that's the course of the story.

The movie has been praised its depth, drawing you into a rich world and not portraying either side - the Apes or the humans - an irredeemable villain.

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That said, the apes seem to have upped the organisation and ruthlessness since we saw them last, as shown in this sneak peek preview trailer:

So what do you think? Are the Apes right to turn against the humans who have tortured, imprison and degraded them for so long? Write in with your Dawn of the Planet of the Apes thoughts below the line.

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Are Caesar and the other apes right to turn against the humans?


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