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Angelina Jolie may have cheekbones that were clearly born to play a Disney villain, but for some, her role in upcoming Fantasy action/romance Maleficent is a step too far outside the actor's comfort zone.

Those suspecting as much may want to avoid the three new promo videos below - they may well just change their minds.

The film appears to be less of the 'Jolie show' that some had suspected, instead utilizing her natural screen presence and immaculately casting to open up a broader retelling of a classic story - from a much more (post?)modern perspective.

Plus, she has a sidekick that seems like a suave cross between Game of Thrones' messenger ravens, Shadowfax from Lord of The Rings, and Pantalaimon from the His Dark Materials series. Which is obviously a good thing.

You can check the videos out for yourself below:

What do you guys think? Are the new promos getting you excited for Maleficent? Let me know below!


Excited for Maleficent?



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