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Another vampire with a heart of gold is all set to snatch the environmental crown straight from Ian Somerhalder's artfully tousled head. Kellan Lutz has recently spoken out about his desire to rid the planet of animal abuse, and he too is going the way of the Somerhalder and heading into activism.

The hella hunky 29-year-old actor is using his role in [Tarzan (Animated)](movie:203906) as a platform to spread awareness about the horrific practice of killing great apes for meat in the Cameroon. Lutz explained that he is standing alongside Ape Action Africa and;

Trying to stop the killing of apes for meat. It’s being eaten as a delicacy. There’s a belief that the meat gives strength. Then the children are taken and sold as pets. They eventually die without their mothers. We’re also trying to stop the deforestation that comes with the hunting

The altruistic actor is so dedicated to his cause that he doesn't give a damn about the inevitable bad publicity that his beliefs will drag his way.

Lutz is also a supporter of PETA whose tough tactics have landed the orginization in hot water and even caused some to call them 'animal extremists'. The star explained that it was his empathetic response to the treatment of fur animals that caused him to join the group. He told fans that;

I don’t think people should wear fur. I don’t wear it. I try not to judge someone who has that preference. But if you have a choice, then why? I'm an advocate for any animal that is treated inhumanely

Whereas the [The Legend of Hercules](movie:854929) actor shares a lot of his beliefs with [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853)' Ian Somerhalder, he also takes things one step further by claiming that he is a bit of a Dr. Dolittle when it comes to chatting to critters. Lutz explained that time spent alone in the remote North Dakota wilderness helped him to develop a special sense when it comes to our furry friends. He told the Irish Times that;

I was very much alone. So the animals became my friends. We owned a farm. And I became almost like an animal whisperer. Cats would come to me. Hens. Cows. I’m a feeler, I guess. So when you have alone time, you create your own fantasy worlds

Suck on that Somerhalder!

In all seriousness though, I think it's great that someone starring in tough guy roles in moves such as [The Expendables 3](movie:388705) feels comfortable enough to reveal his sentimental stirrings about the animal kingdom.

Do you think that Kellan Lutz and Ian Somerhalder should join forces in their quest to combat animal abuse?


Should Kellan Lutz and Ian Somerhalder join forces?

(Source: Irish Times)

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