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Ian Somerhalder has never been shy about publicly airing his impeccable environmental credentials, but now he needs you help to hit coal where it hurts.

Factories around the world might be pumping out polluting smoke at a rate of knots, but thankfully [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) very own Captain Planet pumps out his environmental advice at approximately the same rate.

The earth loving lust magnet has launched a Twitter campaign entitled 'CoalSucks' and he needs you to do your bit to save our planet from toxic smog.

Everybody's favourite hunk launched the 'CoalSucks' campaign on the Ian Somerhalder Foundation website with a rousing battle cry. The star said;

One thing I’m really fired up about is happening right now on Twitter. We-at ISF-have no doubt about it: COAL ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. We’re creating a massive Twitter storm to tell people we are dead serious about clean energy and ridding ourselves of old dirty fossil fuels

Somerhalder's call to arms was also accompanied by a fun infographic to educate his fans about the foul ills of fossil fuels. Do a bit of learning and check out a section for yourself below;

So, how can you help spread the word about the benefits of clean energy? Somerhalder has helpfully constructed a list of 60 sample tweets you can shout into the Twittersphere to support his cause.

The Tweets are directed at major energy companies, the Environmental Protection Agency and even Obama himself. Each message contains a hashtag so the foundation can quantify the results of their campaign which will go on until May 7th.

So, what are you waiting for? Take yourself to ISF website and choose a tweet to spread Ian's valuable message.

Will you be tweeting to support Ian Somerhalder's 'Coal Sucks' campaign?


Do you think we need to follow Ian Somerhalder's lead and do more about environmental issues?

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