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Robert Pattinson makes being a smouldering hottie look like child's play. He has carried off a bloodied face in The Rover and worn body glitter like a pro in Twilight, but it seems like a French magazine might have achieved the impossible and made R-Patz look simply ridiculous.

Check out the bizarre image for yourself below;

Any ideas what they were going for would be welcome because I am stumped.

Poor Pattinson looks like a grungy drag queen who was forced to do their make up in a mirrorless basement. I think we can agree that his facial expression says it all...

I am really enjoying imagining the meeting that made this confusing image possible. I am picturing a gaggle of French speaking Parisians making wild gestures while a very befuddled Rob submits himself to this cruel fate by nodding and saying oui to everything they say.

Am I the only one who instantly thinks of the infamous [The Simpsons](series:200695) makeup gun scene when I look at this? Homer! You've got it set on "whore"!

What do you guys think of this weird magazine cover? Is it Rob's worst look yet?


Has Rob ever looked worse than he does on the Premiere cover?

(Source: The Daily Mail

(Images: Tumblr and Premiere)


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