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True Blood is determined to go out with a bang and a new villain could let the series accomplish the explosive ending it has been striving for!

[The Wolverine](movie:34674) and [Total Recall](movie:30721) actor Will Yun Lee has been pulled aboard the good ship [True Blood](series:200767) to step into a major new villain role, and we have a few choice tidbits to share about his character. reports that Yun Lee's character, Gus is;

A Japanese native who has fully embraced the “everything’s bigger in Texas” way of living. The only thing bigger than his lavish, southern lifestyle? His quest for revenge.

Gus' capability for vengeance is described as infinite, and the website also explains that;

While he is middle-aged, he (Gus) could be immortal


Those of you who are thinking of flicking back through your Sookie Stackhouse Novels to learn more about Gus shouldn't waste your time though. The character has been whipped up specifically for the TV show.

Do you think Gus will be villainous enough to give True Blood a boost for its final season?


Are you pleased with the casting of Will Yun Lee?

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