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Having only just gotten Blue Jasmine's Stolly-Martinis out of our system, while we patiently await his upcoming Magic in the Moonlight, the tireless Woody Allen is already getting to work on what will be his 47th picture as director. No title, synopsis or anything else has been announced as of yet but we can reveal the first piece of casting today.

Deadline are reporting that shooting might begin as early as July and that none other than Joaquin Phoenix will be gearing up for a role.

You want me to do funny? I can do funny...
You want me to do funny? I can do funny...

A great bit of casting whatever way you look, but it's difficult to see how Phoenix would fit into the usual Allen mould. He's neurotic, no doubt about that, but a comedian? We're not so sure, but would you really put it past him?

Whatever the case lets keep our fingers crossed it all goes down state-side, these European excursions have all become a bit tiresome. If you happen to disagree be sure to let us know below.

Magic in the Moonlight hits theatres July 26th.

More on this untitled piece as we get it.


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