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In recent years, horror movies have started to grab the attention of studio executives and their always present accountants. Horror might not rack in as much cold, hard cash as a Marvel movie, but they are made for a minuscule fraction of the price, meaning they're a solid investment for a quick buck.

This is probably the reason behind 20th Century Fox's decision to remake John Hough's classic 1973 haunted house horror, The Legend of Hell House. The studio has been mulling over the property for a few years and now it seems they've finally plucked up the courage to deliver a public announcement regarding their intentions.

According to Shock Till You Drop, no writer or director has been attached to the project yet and unfortunately, the only possible information we have is based on the story of the original. Based on a book by I Am Legend scribe Richard Matheson, The Legend of Hell House is a classic horror haunter. A physician, Dr. Barrett is contacted by an old, dying man to find evidence of of the afterlife in Belasco House - the quintessential top-of-the-hill-wrought-iron-gate-haunted-house of your childish nightmares. Barrett accepts the job, but brings along his wife, a psychic and previous survivor of Hell House along for company. Things do not go well...

What do you think? Are you pleased to see these old properties brought back, or should they rest in peace?


Do you like to see old horror rebooted for modern audiences?

Source: ShockTillYouDrop


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