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Fans of Holiday-themed horror rejoice - The Halloween series is (almost) officially heading back to our screens! HalloweenMovies, the series' official website, have released a statement regarding the rumored new installment of the franchise:

As you know, we do not comment on rumors regarding a Halloween film in any stage of production no matter how accurate or inaccurate they may be. However, over the past few months, we have been flooded with ton(s) of emails, tweets, facebook postings etc… regarding the status of next installment.
As we stated before, we are dedicated to the fans of the Halloween series just as much as we are dedicated to delivering a film that we believe the fans deserve and will, most importantly, love. With that being said, we can confirm that a new installment of Halloween is indeed in on track and moving forward. We are currently developing a script, to finally bring Michael back to the theaters! More information will be released over the coming months and exclusively at So make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, so you can know first!

Which isn't quite a press release from a studio announcing a release date - but it's certainly getting closer, which is good news.

What do you guys think? Do we need another Halloween movie? Let me know below!


Do we need another Halloween movie?



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