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Jennifer Lawrence has achieved every young, accomplished actress' dream and climbed to the lofty peak of FHM's '100 Sexiest Woman in the World List'. Who needs Oscars, eh?

JLaw has proudly barfed, gurned and bed wet herself to the top of the horrendously outdated list, and proven that it takes more than just a pretty face to be voted in at the top spot.

Reading other articles on this topic, it strikes me as hilarious that a lot of writers are covering this event like any of the women featured care about their ranking. Unsurprisingly, JLaw has not commented on the FHM website bursting with gratitude that loads of teenage pervs like her bum, but journalists seem hell bent on fabricating feuds between her an lower ranking stars.

My personal favourite is that Miley Cyrus is absolutely bereft to be featured at a life destroying number 79 after "Feuding" with Lawrence. I'm pretty sure Miley is a bit busy not giving a solitary s**t and smoking blunts in her bed of dollars to have even heard of FHM, but I am glad that Liberty Voice showed such concern!

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence is really the world's sexiest woman? If not, who is?


Which actress deserves the title of the world's sexiest woman?

(Source: FHM and Liberty Voice)

(Images: Wikimise and FHM)


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