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If you happen to be an adolescent girl, brought up on the High School Musical movies, you probably think Zac Efron is a dreamy, hunky, possessor of great hair who's a paragon of every single good virtue known to man and beast. If you're anything other than that, you probably think he's a bit of a dick.

Well, it turns out Seth Rogen would have agreed with you, that's until he actually met the guy. In a new interview with Australian radio station 2Day FM, Neighbors star Rogan explained how he thought Efron would be a typical Hollywood, teen-star-turned-adult-jerk. However, he was wrong.

After delivering some customary jokes about Australian alcoholism, the 32-year old star of SuperBad and This Is The End revealed he originally had reservations about working with Efron. He explained:

I thought I would hate him because he was the star of a Disney musical franchise and just for my own prejudice I assumed he would be an obnoxious asshole. But he wasn't at all - he was very nice and charming and very kind of self-deprecating and I remember thinking like, 'Damn, he actually seems like a cool guy'.

Well, looks like we've all learned a lesson today - never judge a Disney star by their long line of franchised movie performances. Indeed, Efron has been delivering increasingly impressive performances ever since he graduated from East High - especially, in The Paperboy, and Parkland. Hopefully, Efron can emerge as one of those stars who's at home in both comedic and dramatic fare. Check out a red-band Neighbors clip below to see for yourself:

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Can Zac Efron become a great comedic actor?


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