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By now, anyone who considers themselves a fan of spiders and spandex has ventured out to their local cinema to see [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593).

And from the (ahem.. many, many) reviews I've seen, I still have no idea if it's any good. The scale of reviews stretches from emphatically entertaining to outrageously obtuse. So let's settle this in quick fashion below:


Was the Amazing Spiderman 2 ACTUALLY Amazing?

There, that should put all our minds at ease.

However, if anyone would like to discuss the following, I'd be more than psyched to read about it:

  • Easter Eggs (love those bad boys!)
  • ASM3 theories (cast, storyline, villains, potential for success)

But if, like me, you're starting to develop Arachnophobia... here are some other upcoming releases to tempt you:


Yes, token Zac Efron shirtless scenes (and now that he's a fully fledged adult, it's OK for me to look!). However, I am relieved they haven't started casting him as a real adult yet, as I just don't think I could quite take it seriously. Not sure why....

Clap, Clap: Jazz hands!
Clap, Clap: Jazz hands!


Is food porn more your cup of tea? Or, are you a fan of any of the following people: Jon Favreau/ Robert Downey Jnr/ Scarlett Johansson/ Dustin Hoffman/ Sofía Vergara/ Amy Sedaris/ John Leguizamo?

Yes? Oh, then you probably won't like it.. because it stars ALL OF THEM!

A great comedy is like a delicious taco: it has all the right ingredients, but doesn't try to fit too much in. Yes, that was a context-driven taco analogy.

Mom's Night out

Have you ever needed a break?

This one's for all the Mom's who've ever taken the risk of relinquishing responsibility of their children and entrusting them to their own fathers...for an evening. Wow. Burn feminism, BURN!

Anyway, putting the archaic narrative aside (not suggesting stay-at-home Mom's don't exist, just that.. come on! Fathers aren't capable of looking after their own kids for a few hours without chaos ensuing?)... but again, besides that... this looks fun! It certainly has some hot Momma's cast. That's something.


Hottest Mom in a Mom-Com?

This could be a cool topic if someone wanted to flesh it out into an actual post!

I could only think of 1 eternal bachelor who WOULDN'T date a Rom-Com-Mom, and by pure coincidence, it's also his birthday (he's really happy about it)

53 years a bachelor on 06th May
53 years a bachelor on 06th May

OK, so apparently he is engaged now... but how long will that last (sorry George).

Inspiration Station

To wrap this up in a neat little package, below are a list of trending topics this week to get your creative mind spinning:

  • Halo TV Series: Thoughts? Casting suggestions, other potential game-TV crossovers, what happened to the movie??
  • Star Wars: Who's missing/ theories (which actor is playing whom/what)?
  • Gotham TV Series: new official trailer released: break it down! Gotham without Batman; yay or nay?

That's a wrap! Hit me up for any questions, thoughts or inspiring topics to add to the mix.


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