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I'm still waiting for the LEGO movie to come out on DVD, so I haven't seen the whole thing yet. I like LEGO and have since I was little, but news has reached my ears of a certain split second in that movie that might make my prospects for future movies that much more bright.

<Spoiler Alert>

Seriously, spoilers for [The LEGO Movie](movie:376368).

There is a small clip of the film (don't ask me how I've seen it) where Wildstyle says to Emmett, "there are lots of worlds, Pirates, cowboys..... and some we don't need to mention." As the images flash up on the screen, we see the one, the only, the not-bloody-replaced-by-Hero-Factory in-the-slightest, BIONICLE.

This may have a lot of significance. First of all, it's BIONICLE, (always capitalised, always), and not Hero Factory, the modern day... successor, to BIONICLE (I don't happen to like it and a lot of other BIONICLE fans agree with me, this may be because the conversion not only abandoned a 10 year old franchise, but went from the emotional depth of Lord of the Rings to well... Power Rangers.) This is odd. Hero Factory is a modern franchise, so why would they plug a dead one?

It could be due to nolstalgia, but most of the LEGO movie was about that, and BIONICLE never made it to any screen time at all besides this micro-second, so why leave out something so massive for LEGO? It was 10 years long and is arguably their best property, name another with 2 games and 3 epic movies. The NBA all-stars were there, so what gives?

I have to wonder... are they working on a silver-screen BIONICLE movie? I mean, BIONICLE isn't even close to the tone of the LEGO movie, and it wouldn't thrill me to see a story where characters die real, powerful deaths and personal battles just get pasted into a kids movie like the other LEGO franchises they used (Which were fine, that's the tone most lego follows, but BIONICLE didn't.) It makes me wonder if perhaps they're saving it for something, something big, and that was just a taste of it.

Yes, BIONICLE had movies, and while they were good, they were fairly low budget, only barely feature-length and went straight to DVD, nothing of the scale of LEGO movie, and they only cover very small fragments of the story. There's oodles of novels, comics, point-and-click-games and sets that such a movie could draw on.

Could it be "Quest For the Masks," the 2001 Saga strung between "Mata-Nui Online Game" and the novel "Tale of the Toa"? That's the slide they showed in the movie, it's where all the fans were dropped in this mysterious science-fantasy world back in 2001, it seems like the perfect place to begin a film franchise, should that be LEGO's intention.

LEGO has never been in a better position to do this really, they're reaping the profits from TLM, they've done small screen series for Ninjago, Exo-Force and... Hero Factory (I've seen it.. I weep for the future lego-nerds of today). And they have the rights to Greg Farshtey's epic storyline right there in the store room waiting to be adapted. Recent films like The Hobbit and Transformers are showing us that not only can CGI pop our eyes better than ever, but can actually give us an emotional connection to these characters that aren't human, but somehow are, if you look beneath the skin, somehow are.

BIONICLE attempted a reboot with the "Glatorian" line in 2009, and with the DVD film "The Legend Reborn," but replace it with the-franchise-that-should-not-be-named when it failed to do as well as the 2001 line. This was because the long story was putting people off, and they wanted to take a tiny fragment of it forward so it would be new to everyone, old and new fans alike. But why not just restart the story from the beginning anyway, and wait to meet the Glatorian at the end with a fresh attempt?

I remain hopeful that a BIONICLE movie is nigh and the island of Mata-Nui is waiting, but this all just speculation on one clip from a movie, so it must be treated with caution. What do you think? Leave a comment below (even try to defend Hero Factory.)


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