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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a hardcore Marvel Comics fan, but DC Comics definitely has my attention in the realm of television. Their hit TV series [Arrow](series:720988) is not only one of the CW’s highest rated shows, but is proof that DC has plenty of heroes to put on screen away from the big two of [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) .

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It’s Nolan-esque approach to the show and the Emerald Archer fit well and keeps audiences entertained. Not surprising since the character was originally created as a Batman copy with Robin Hood eccentrics. With the upcoming spinoff series featuring The Flash, both super-powered heroes and villains will soon become the norm. If Oliver Queen (who is played by Stephen Arnell) is going to deal with more metahumans like Deathstroke, his ‘roided army, and some of the villains that will spill out from The Flash, he’s going to need to start packing more than just regular arrows.

It's true that he has been using a few more trick arrows since adopting a ‘no killing’ rule in season 2, but there are some more that fans like myself wouldn’t mind seeing:


There have been enough episodes where Arrow has had to disappear from either criminals or the police in a hurry. When that happens, he would either shoot out any surrounding lights or hit a fire extinguisher and use the compressed aerosol for cover. A simple smoke arrow would provide great cover from incoming attackers or allow Arrow the chance to get the drop on a group while they’re temporarily blinded. Since he’s destined to fight a whole army before the end of the season, this will come in handy.

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Viewers of Arrow learned how powerful noise can be when Black Canary first saved Ollie with her sonic scream. Even though it was through a device and not a metahumans ability, this proved to be a powerful weapon, one that can be used now that Black Canary has left Team Arrow. Not only can it disable targets, but could be used for other purposes, like shattering Caitlin Snow (aka Killer Frost’s) ice if she ever gets her powers and leaves Central City for Starling. Though I’d prefer any sonics to come from Canary (played by the sexy Caity Lotz), this will serve as a temporary replacement until her return.


No offense to the special effects people for Arrow, but the explosive arrows in the show remind of those firework sparks that shot out whenever someone got hit on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With what’s coming in the show, our hooded hero needs more than something that just blows the hinges off of doors. I’m not saying jump to the atomic warhead arrows (yes that actually existed in the Green Arrow comics), but it can be amped up to the same level as the explosive arrows on Injustice: Gods Among Us. They work for him in a video game, so why couldn’t it work on TV?


Ever since his inclusion into the series, fans have been waiting for the day when Roy Harper (played by Colton Haynes) will conquer his anger issues and don a red variant of Oliver’s costume to become Red Arrow (or Speedy, Arsenal, or whatever). We all know that it’s going to happen at some point and I want to see them take down a bad guy in true super hero fashion. For a season finale or show ending, I’d love to see them use the quantum arrow combo to take down a powerhouse like maybe a returned Cyrus Gold (aka Solomon Grundy) similar to what they attempted in Justice League Unlimited.


Anyone who is a true fan of Green Arrow knows about this special weapon. Rarely used in today’s comics, Green Arrow will dust off this classic when he really needs to punch someone from a distance. I doubt it will make an appearance on the show since it would take away from its serious tone. Hopefully writers will find some way for it to make even a brief appearance, as it will not only please old fans but show new ones the epitome of a trick arrow.

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What do you think? Should Arrow start featuring more trick arrows or should it stick to its more realistic approach to crime fighting? Drop a comment and let know!


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