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Julian Shaw

Ok so the question everyone's been asking for the last however many months sense we started hearing about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver been in Age of Ultron has been how did they get their powers? With all the different companies owning Spiderman, the ff and the Xmen who the same as wanda and her brother are mutants. there have been theorys thrown around, could they be inhumans? well after the end credits scene in captain america (freaking love that movie) it has left some of us with more questions then answers, BUT I think we may finally have our answer.

after seeing cap 2 for the second time i paid more attention to struckers words, i cant give you an exact quote but he says while looking at lokis staff, that shield/hydra never even scratched the surface of its power and then directly after continues on to ask about the test subjects all of who died except quick silver and wanda, kinda made it sound like they were getting it from the staff right? well what kinda confirmed it for was in an interview with empire magazine kevin feige said (when asked about the after credits) “I would say that the Age of Miracles, as Strucker says at the end of that tag, could be a part of that, but the key to their origin is in that tag.” So for me that confirmed for me that thats the secret to their power. if that was already obvious to everyone im sorry for wasting your time but i thought it needed to be said also if there are any glitch's in this article its my internet, thanks alot xfinity.

Now for all the Spider woman fans, watch the end credits of Cap 2 and block out reference to them being twins, and just hold your hand up over Quicksilver jumping around his cage. if I didn't know better, looking at Spiderwoman's origin, I would almost think that was her. In the comics Spiderwoman was experimented on as an unborn baby by Hydra (/shield now. and no i didnt throw that in there for no reason keep reading) im not saying that elizabeth olsen is spider woman, but i think that they have set it up so that we could possibly see her in the future.

That being said, another possible theory, which may sound crazy but hear me out.

Agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. or what should be called agents of coulson. through the season weve been fallowing skye as shes been searching for the truth behind her parents, which led us to find out that an entire village was killed protecting the newborn baby which had deep connections with shield/hydra and that she was considered an 0-8-4, which implies she has somekind of unknown power that she was ether givin as a baby or born with, Ill let you draw your own conclusions with that one given the two stories I just told you, do I seriously think that's the case? no, but I thought it was something worth saying, and at least interesting. Hope you guys liked this it was my first article and leave comments below!


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