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What an episode. If sometimes you feel the pace of Once Upon A Time is slow or that the Neverland arc was a never-ending journey, then these past two episodes make up for all that time that you possibly (or not) regret having devoted to this magnificent show.

Wow, let’s begin with the recap.

Storybrooke faces Wicked!

Mary Margaret is rushed to the hospital where the baby will be born and while she’s accompanied by most of the family Emma goes off with Hook to try and find-defeat Zelena once and for all. During their walk Hook asks Emma if she is still planning to return to New York, and well, she’s actually super excited to go back to the big apple. Emma is really, really not willing to stay in Srotybrooke. On the other hand, the witch is not happy to see the duo and she orders Rumpel to use his magic to drown the Capitan. Of course Emma does not want him to die; she actually uses the phrase “come back to me” before plating a CPR kiss on his lips. Of course this is death sentence for her savior-powers, because the moment she touches Hook’s cursed lips, her magic is ding, dong... gone.

Zelina meanwhile steps into the hospital where a very useless force of Merry Men tries to face her, and they are put to sleep with the wave of her hand. Belle tries to stop the witch as well but she’s powerless, even when her true love speech Zelena manages to wave her hand again and she falls to Rumpel’s arms (at least he caught her).

The Wicked Witch moves closer to the room where the baby is due to be born, and Regina in a heroic act, asks Henry to hide in the building with Dr. Hooper. Evil vs Wicked starts here, however it doesn’t last long. Regina is thrown to the wall in seconds and she’s out cold!

A little prince has been born! (ABC)
A little prince has been born! (ABC)

Zelina enters the room where the baby has just being born and she magically freezes David, transports the baby to her arms and freezes Mary Margaret! I mean this woman is incredible powerful because she does this just waving her hands non chalanting, easy breezy, nbd. Rumpel, baby and Zelina return to her cottage were they start the spell. It’s time to change the past.

Emma meanwhile has returned to the hospital and announced that her previous encounter with Zelina didn’t went very well, Regina is understandably surprised and feels that without Emma no one can defeat her evil sister. But Emma has someone in mind, Regina. She mentions how the kiss that broke the curse is a true love’s kiss, love, pure magic, white magic. You guys get the drill.

Anyway Henry and everyone is like “Yes Regina you can do it” including Regina’s new boy-toy Robin Hood, who woke up just in time to pep-talk his probably almost girlfriend into using white magic versus Zelena. The gang departs to face the evil treat and once there they are thrown around like puppets by Rumpel’s magic. Emma is pretty useless, Hook is pretty useless, Robin and Charming try to put a good fight against the only left flying monkey. But nope. Zelena is still casting her spell. She grabs Regina and tries to choke her, but Regina gives her the speech about how she is able to use white magic now and then Robin manages to get her heart! And she has white magic glowing out of her hands, then puff! She hits Zelina with her new true love powers and Zelena is super shocked she could air bend, I mean use light magic.

Regina easily snatches the green gem out of Zelena’s neck, David takes his charming baby back and Regina picks up Rumpel’s dagger before the dark one can kill off Zelena. You know because of revenge and all the witch did to him, like killing poor Bae! But no, Regina tells him ‘heroes don’t kill’ and she’s the hero of the day, so no one dies, Zelena is sent to prison, baby returns to Charmings, Emma is already packing to head back to NYC. All is good in the world.... almost.

Once Upon A Time in Oz (Part 2)

Back in the land of Oz, Zelena is green-skinned, jealous as ever about her sis when Glinda pays her a visit. She thanks him for having turned the wizard into a monkey since he offered hope to people and couldn't always deliver. (that’s not very good of Glinda, but OK). Glinda is there to invite Zelena to join the ‘coven’ of witches. Four elements equals four witches and she can be part of them. The sisterhood of witches invites Zelena to join as the ‘Good Witch of the West’, were she will represent innocence, since apparently innocence regained is as powerful as innocence born. And because there’s a prophecy that says a powerful sorceress brought to the land via a cyclone will be Oz’s protector. Hey that has Zelena written all over!

Zelena takes the opportunity to say goodbye to her grudges and when she decides to join the coven, she is granted the big jewel in her neck with the warning that with great power comes great responsibility, and that if she ever takes that necklace she will be powerless. All is good in this world as well! Zelena is being shown her piece of land ‘a la Simba style’, all the west is hers. Suddenly a cyclone struck the west side of Oz, bringing a young woman, this is Dorothy Gale!

Dorothy arrives to Oz (ABC)
Dorothy arrives to Oz (ABC)

Dorothy is invited to join the witches for cookies and tea! But Zelena sees her as a threat and even when Glinda tries to assure her that she is part of the witches now and that she made a choice, the choice to be good. However Zelena thinks that she is instead the wicked evil that is also prophesied in the book of records Glenda keeps. Zelena is turning green again, she is incredible jealous of Dorothy and at night she confronts the teenager (and she has turned completely green again). She tries to attack Dorothy with a fire ball, and of course the girl thinks about combating fire with water (why is that Emma is not as quick as Dorothy?) The witch melts and Glinda appears after being summoned by Dorothy. Glinda then quickly offers her the empty seat in the coven, but Dorothy declines because she wants to go to Kansas, so off to the yellow road they go, because even when Glinda was a bit happy that he was turned into a Monkey, the Wizard is still the only one that might have the key to realm travel.

They reach the Wizard’s chambers and he gives her the realm-travel slippers. Dorothy clacks her heels three times and puff! She’s gone. However is not the Wizard who gave Dorothy the slippers, is Zelena! She faked her death and now she is banishing Glinda to the Enchanted Forest.

It is finally over... Isn't it?

Zelina is truly wicked, but in the current time at Storybroke she is cozy inside a cell. Where Regina tells her how she has the power to change her destiny by choosing to be good. Just like Regina! They will give her that chance, but if she doesn't take it, then she will be ding dong gone!

In other part of Storybroke, Rumpel is at his store and Belle comes in with his dagger. Regina gave it to her because she wouldn't abuse her power, but Regina didn't count on her giving it back to Rumpel. The dark one says he loves Belle and trusts her and he pops the question by returning her the dagger. She says yes of course because she is blindly in love with this guy.

Finally, even when Rumpel promised not to kill Zelena she does not only returns to the cell to avenge his son, he betrays Belle just mere moments after proposing to her with the dagger, because he proposed with a fake one! Yes that is shady, and even when I loved this couple, let’s face it. He gave her a fake ring-dagger! Will they recover from this when Belle learns that he not only gave her a fake, he killed the witch and unknowingly activated the turn back time spell?

Because yes, that happens! In the final minutes of the episode after he gutted Zelena, transformed her into a porcelain doll and all her pieces disappeared, a green floating gas came out of the jewel that once belonged to hear and crawled its way out of Regina’s vault (where she put for ‘safekeeping’) right into the stable runes where Zelena tried to activate the spell before that afternoon.

So, that spell is coming! And in the next two-hour season finale we will see what happens with Emma, because judging from the promo is a very Emma-journey.

Are you shocked, I am shocked and excited for next week final episodes!

The portal has been activated! (ABC)
The portal has been activated! (ABC)

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