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Sony played a huge gamble during the penultimate scene of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". We've all seen it in some form whether it be trailers, online interviews, clip shows or perhaps if you ventured to the cinemas this past year to see the film itself. Gwen is hanging by a literal thread inside a clock tower as her boyfriend and his newest enemy duke it out above her. As the scene plays out and reaches it's shocking and depressing end, you're left with a lingering question. What now Sony, how can you proceed after this?

Sony had a hit on their hands with the newest series of Spider-Man movies and a large part of that success is the magnetism of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as lovebirds Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker. In fact it seems that the only thing that is universally praised about this reboot is the on and off romance and sweet on screen chemistry of the two leads. Since Emma and Andrew are a real item and this love and affection translates well onto the silver screen giving it an authenticity that only happens once in a lifetime. The playful banter, awkward laughs and just the overall warmth they share has touched us in more ways than Spider-Man's own webslinging exploits against the Lizard, Electro or Green Goblin. It's the one thing I was looking forward in this sequel most. I dare you to tell me it was anything else that moved you more than this tender endearing love story.

Alas, it's not meant to last as with Gwen Stacy in 1973, so must Emma Stone fall to her untimely doom in Amazing Spider-Man 2. With the love story now ended where does Webb go from here? It's obvious that Sony is planning on a Sinister Six confrontation but with three underdeveloped villains and one extremely miscast actor (I'm sorry Paul Giamatti, you did your best but your Russian accent was pathetic.) there is nothing real to work with here and soon there will be six? Oy vey! It also didn't help the plot any that this team up was forced into the last 10 or 15 minutes of the film without any proper buildup or a feeling that said team up is earned. It's no doubt that Sony will want 3 new villains introduced in part 3 to rush things further along. Or is it Sinister Six now? Heck even Sony doesn't know yet!

Natural plot progression be damned!

Getting back on topic, the main question will be how Peter will survive without his love. How can the writers introduce a new love interest without it coming across as tacked on? Or, most importantly, can a new love interest and Andrew generate the same kind of sparks that he and Emma certainly had? Mary Jane Watson may have been the one for Peter in the comic books but that was the result of years of character growth for both Peter and MJ. We're not going to get that in a film series that will likely be 5 or 6 parts before starting over, especially if Sony wants MJ as soon as possible. Had the vivacious redhead been introduced into part 2 and had a scene or two with Andrew, perhaps fans could warm up to her a bit more. With MJ completely rubbed out of this current installment, a back door exit strategy went with it, simply replacing her with Shailene Woodley or whoever is not gonna warm over fans of either character when she is plopped into the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 3 with no purpose but to be the future girlfriend. Webb has his work cut out for him. He not only has to make this relationship palpable but unfold in a way that seems natural and it certainly doesn't look like lightning will strike twice.

Gwen wasn't some innocent, clingy, over emotional Spider-Man hating blonde from the comics that Stan Lee wrote into a corner, this was a very confident, assertive, female character whose plot actually overshadowed the title character's and that's saying something. She knew the dangers of being Spider-Man's girlfriend and faced them head on. Just think of the stories you could tell Sony? I guess since she's dead in the comics that means she's destined to die in every incarnation I guess. Yes I read the story and I know the impact it has in the Spider verse so no hate calling. It's pretty ironic that in killing off a romantic co lead to be faithful to the original plot the entire success of this adaptation has been put into peril, because with such emphasis on the romance, Webb has put himself into a corner, one that he may not be able to get out of.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a success but with all of this heavy weight it dropped onto the shoulders of Sony's superhero vehicle and with the rough bumpy roads ahead one better pray Webb can steer this thing through without a blowout. I guess they can always clone her. It's not like that decision will have any major repercussions right?


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