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Now that that's over, let's continue this article. We last saw each other when we found Andros dead, Tommy and co. recruiting other Rangers and Adam Park being struck by a gold light. So far, we know that there is a higher power running things, Goldar came back from the dead just to be killed off once again, a new robot controlling Doomtron and the Psycho Rangers back from there cyber-sleep. The question still stands as to who or what is calling the shots in these attacks. So let's start this plot like the others, with the cast;

Adam Park, the new Gold Ranger:

Why not have Johnny Yong Bosch return as our favorite half-Asian nerd? Plus, with how Johnny and Saban's relationship, I don't think Saban would take him out of the equation just yet. But that's beside the point. Onto the villain!

And our villain for our newly powered friend,

Formerly known as Princess, Queen Archerina. I picked Archerina because of her alliance with our main baddie for the movie-verse. Instead of me rambling, I'm just gonna start the plot.

The movie opens up to Adam Park in Angel Grove General Hospital. Adam wakes up to see Alpha 6 waiting for Adam's wake.

Adam starts to sit up when Alpha reaches out to tell Adam to take it easy. Adam looks over at Alpha 6 and asks, "What happened?" Alpha 6 replies, "You were in a car accident, Adam. The doctors say you should have died." Adam, sarcastically, "Guess I'm just that lucky." Alpha gives us that infamous "Ay-yi-yi-yi! You are lucky that someone was there to get you here!" Adam, giving a kinda confused face, starts to think who could of been there to help him. Alpha, "Adam, what happened? Why did you crash?" Adam, still thinking of what might of happened, "I don't know, Alpha. All I remember was coming back from San Angeles & seeing a bright gold light. But nobody else was there." Alpha, "Well, someone or something must have been there."

The next scene is Adam signing out of Angel Grove Gen. As Adam and Alpha are walking to Adam's car, the car explodes, knocking Adam down. People run in fear while Adam looks up and tells Alpha to run and hide. Adam stands up to find a large group of updated Cogs. The Cogs look like a mixed of Cogs and Cyclobots. The Cogs are being lead by a mysterious being in a large cloak. The figure shouts out directions, "ATTACK!" Adam, still unaware of his new power upgrade, fights the Cogs demorphed. The Cogs eventually take Adam down. Now, holding Adam on his knees, the Cogs leader reveals themselves. Archerina, "Surprise to see me, Zeo Ranger?" Adam, "Princess Archerina. Thought you died with King Mondo during the demise of Dark Spectre?" Archerina, snapping, "IT'S QUEEN NOW, YOU MISERABLE QUIM! And I thought you knew about us machines. We can always be rebuilt. Hold him tight! I don't want a mess." As Archerina pulls back on her bow, time freezes. Adam confused, looks around wondering what happened. All of a sudden, a voice backs the silence, "Adam, Zeo Ranger 4, We have chose you as our new bearer." Adam asks the frozen air, "What? Who are you?" A familiar face of Adam's past pops up in the air,

"A friend. Your friend Tommy Oliver seeks help. He was able to give some of his friends their Ranger powers back." Adam, "Why me? Why did you choose me? Why not pick Jason?" Trey, "Tommy meant to send the powers to Jason but he doesn't have the power to assign where our power goes. We chose you because you are caring, kind, strong minded and spiritual. You, Adam Park, are the perfect being to harness such power. We can't ask for anyone better to take our place." Adam, confused, "What do you mean 'take our place'? What's going on? Trey, I can help!" Trey, "Adam, because of the uprising of the new threat out there, we are dying. We have been in search for the power throughout the known galaxies. We finally came to Earth after being called upon by your former command center. We came here to give you your new morpher. Use the powers wisely, my friend, as it can destroy you if you abuse it." Adam looks down to his wrist to find a brand new morpher. Time unfreezes. Archerina, "Are you ready to die, Green Ranger?" Adam looks up in empowerment, "I'm not the Green Ranger anymore... I'm the GOLD RANGER!" Adam throws the Cogs off of him. Adam morphs. New graphic and suit. Adam, now free, battles the Cogs till it gets down to Archerina and himself. Archerina and Adam fight till Archerina is far enough away from Adam to teleport away.

Alpha 6 peeks out of a bush, "Adam, is it clear?" Adam demorphs, "Yeah it's clear." Scene jump to Adam & Alpha at Adam's Dojo. Alpha 6 asks Adam, "Adam, how did you get the Gold Zeo Powers?" Adam replies, "Trey of Triforia chose me as their replacement as holder of the powers. Tommy was trying to give the powers to Jason but since Trey, at the time, still held the powers, Trey didn't give the powers back to Jason. Trey said that Tommy was seeking help. Trey didn't say for what exactly but I believe Tommy is forming a new team of Rangers." Alpha, "Well, we need to get a hold of Tommy. Maybe he can use our help." Adam, "Alpha, I don't want you to get in the middle of this. We don't even know who we are up against. For all we know, it be King Mondo back to finish us now that we are a part." Alpha, "But Adam..." Adam, quickly, "No buts, Alpha. It is just too dangerous out there. Now, I'm gonna grab my things & head to Reefside. Last time I knew where Tommy lived. Alpha, stay here." Alpha, disappointed, "Okay, Adam."

Scene jump to Adam catching a bus to Reefside. We see Adam on the bus starring out the window thinking who can be behind all the attacks when he hears people scream from the front of the bus. Queen Archerina is about 2 blocks from the bus. Archerina shoots her bow abruptly stopping the bus. Adam gets closer to the front to get a better look of what Archerina is doing. Archerina extends her bow, "I see you, Gold Ranger! Come out now and a few lives will be spared." Adam hesitates. "Fine. Just remember, Ranger, you brought this upon them." Archerina aims her bow towards the bus once again and shoots causing an explosion. Adam crawls out the back of the bus. Few civilians dead, many injured. Queen Archerina walks towards the bus calling Adam out, "Come out, come out wherever you are, Gold Ranger! Do you want more people to die? Or maybe you want your little robotic friend here to be destroyed?" Camera changes to see Adam peeking out of behind the bus to see Alpha 6 in Queen Archerina's hands. Camera change to seeing Adam looking down at the morpher & gets the courage to step out of the shadows of the bus, "You want me? You got me! Just let Alpha go!" Archerina laughs, "You really think it will be that easy?" Archerina command the Cogs to start torturing Alpha. Adam enraged, morphs. Adam darts towards Alpha to save him when bombarded with Cogs. Adam defends him self well till he is needing to call upon the Golden Power Staff. Adam goes through every Cog sent towards him, leaving Archerina & himself. The 2 once again fight hand-to-hand for awhile till Archerina pulls out her bow & starts swinging towards Adam. Adam calls upon the Golden Power Staff once again.

Archerina decides to grow herself to hopefully get an advantage. Adam calls for Pyramidas. Surprise to Adam, Trey left a new zord inside of Pyramidas. The new zord is similar to the Zeo Ranger 5 Battlezord. Queen Archerina battles with Adam some more. Adam calls upon his new Battlezord's weapon (which is just a bigger version of the Golden Power Staff). Adam gives the final blow and destroys Queen Archerina.

Adam, now with some time with the Gold Powers under his belt, goes back to his Dojo to pack some parts for Alpha. Adam and Alpha 6 walk towards the exit of the Dojo from the backroom to find Kass waiting for Adam. Adam, shocked by the fact that the Phantom Ranger is back on Earth, drops his bags and walks over to greet Kass. Adam, still doesn't know Kass' real name because of Kass' consistent departures, refers to Kass as Phantom. Kass tells Adam that he needs help and is looking for Rangers willing to help. Kass catches Adam up with what he knows, "My team has been trying to figure out who or what is behind everything going on but we got nothing except that the Psycho Rangers returned. Even more powerful than before... and that they killed Andros." Adam, trying to be helpful tells Kass, "I think I know somebody that is willing to help. But there is some minor traveling involved." Kass, unknowing that Adam means on Earth, says, "I have the Astro Megaship ready to go." Adam, "No, I mean on Earth. It'll be a minor drive to Reefside."

End credits role. Credits continue to play even though nobody gives a rats ass. Mid-credits scene: We are back at Lord Zedd's destroyed throne. The being sitting in on the throne is being told that Queen Archerina has been murdered. We get a close up on the being's fist closing tighter and tighter. In great villain fashion, the being says, "They want to make things personal? I'll give them personal!" The mid-credits scene ends. The credits finish. Post-credit scene: We see "Reefside Command Center" at the bottom of the screen. Camera changes to inside Tommy's command center where Adam, Kass and Alpha 6 are waiting for Tommy to show up. "He said he'll be here in 10 minutes. It's been... 23 minutes. Where is he?" Kass said with minor worry and minor anger. "He likes to make an entrance." Tommy enters the command center, "Sorry for the wait guys but I was gathering the team." Kira Ford, Eric Myers and Ryan Mitchell enter the room. Giving us the 6 Ranger team (Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger, Eric Myers/Quantom Ranger, Kasiel/Phantom Ranger, Ryan Mitchell/Titanium Ranger, Adam Park/Zeo Ranger 6 and Kira Ford/White Dino) for our team-up movie; Power Rangers: Legends.


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