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Now that we're all excited about Michael Myers officially coming back to theaters sometime in the future, most of us are asking plenty of reasonable questions. Like who's going to direct it? When is it going to be released? Or most importantly, in what direction is this new movie going to turn?

I've observed many comments on this topic over the past few days and us fans of the franchise are VERY divided on what we want for this new film.

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Let's examine some of the possibilities:


A good majority of you want a sequel to Rob Zombie's two instalments. But I honestly don't see how they could make a sequel to the last one. Though as we've seen over the last 36 years, there is always a way to bring Michael Myers back into more movies, I think this time they should just let the story stop in its tracks, and try something new.


Another set of you want a sequel to Halloween Resurrection, which was released in 2002, and that's a good idea in my opinion. It was as we all know obviously left off in a way for us to think they were setting it up for another sequel, but that unfortunately never happened. And they probably wouldn't make another one in that fashion because new audiences would be confused, and for that reason they probably think it wouldn't make as much money as a sequel to Rob Zombies movie would...unfortunately.


And the last of you (including myself) want them to reboot the franchise as a whole. Each of you have your own opinion on why they should reboot it. Some of you don't like Rob Zombie's two movies, some of you don't think there is anymore story in his two films, and some of you just want to see a new take on the iconic franchise. I personally think that would be the most successful direction to go in, and I won't say a lot on why I think so because I already wrote an article on that topic alone. I will say though that by rebooting the movie, we could all be satisfied to some degree and and the franchise could go in some new and exciting directions.

But like I said we are all divided on what we want from this new movie, we all do have one thing in common though, and that is being glad Michael Myers is finally headed back to theaters.

Update: A lot has changed since this article was published. And it's safe to say the Halloween franchise won't be a sequel to Rob Zombies two Halloween movies nor a sequel to Halloween: Resurrection. It was said they were making a sequel to the original Halloween 2 from 1981, but that idea has officially been scrapped as well. Right now, Michael Myers is looking for new grounds to stalk on. Because the franchise is no longer under Dimension Films. This means Halloween will probably get a complete reboot and maybe, just maybe, a crossover film with other slashers. That's if the rights to Halloween are picked up by a studio like New Line Cinema, which owns Freddy and has connections with Jason.


Which Direction Do YOU Think The New Film Should Go In?


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