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The Hollywood Reporter is spreading around some Walking Dead casting news!

Seth Gilliam (The Wire, Oz, Teen Wolf), has boarded “The Walking Dead” as a series regular for its upcoming fifth season.

Gilliam is the third “Wire” alum to join the AMC series. Other former "Wire" cast members include Chad Coleman (Tyreese) and Larry Gilliard Jr. (Bob).

Details on just who Gilliam will play on Walking Dead are being kept under wraps. The casting breakdown -- which used the dummy name of Michael -- described the character as friendly with a puckish demeanor who also has a haunted side, though that is not expected to be accurate, either.

The Hollywood Reporter's educated guess is that Gilliam is playing Gabriel Stokes, a preacher who first crosses paths with Rick in the 61st issue of the comics -- just before the ragtag band of survivors encounters the Hunters (aka the cannibals). Not long afterward, Gabriel reveals the dark lengths to which he went in order to ensure his survival and becomes a member of Rick's community. (He's also still alive in the comics.)

Season five is rumored to be focusing on humanity, and the potential addition of a preacher could speak to that, although fans might be in the "too much soap opera, not enough zombies" frame of mind after a few seasons of relationships, betrayals and some crazily unexpected deaths.

"Are we too far gone to be people anymore, to actually be human beings, to be able to relate to one another on an emotional level, to be able to live a real humanistic and emotional life -- are we too far gone?"
Fan Art by Thomas Boatwright
Fan Art by Thomas Boatwright
"Next season really is whom do we become after that? Once that question is answered for ourselves, who are these people? That idea will be explored a few different ways."

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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