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This short article is what I think Marvel could do if they wanted to bring in Spider-Man and Wolverine in Avengers 3 together.

We know Marvel doesn't own the rights to webhead and The mutants but WHAT IF they worked out a deal that let's Sony and Fox keep the rights but allow them to appear in a Marvel Studios MOVIE!

Now if Marvel wanted to bring these universes in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe I think it'll require [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) to do this because he's the guy that knows about most about the strange stuff in the marvel universe and about other universes with other Hero's living in them which he would tell the Avengers about right before the final battle with the mad titan himself THANOS and then we could hear Spidey make a wise crack about Thanos and have wolverine charging at him and the fans will be going crazy.

Thanos from Avengers end credits
Thanos from Avengers end credits

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