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Bobby TwistedMinded Borges

To start off, I was and still am a Tobey Maguire as Spiderman. I personally loved all three films and to me he has done the webslinger justice. When the reboot "The Amazing Spiderman" came out, I was kind of skeptical. I waited till it came out in a torrent to download and watch it. I wasn't that impressed with it. It fell kind of flat and lacked that one something that I cant quiet put my finger on... So I saw The Amazing Spiderman 2 this past weekend going in thinking it wasn't going to be that great and all I can is WOW. Andrew Garfield really made Spiderman his own. The movie overall was great and really fun to watch. I really don't see why there are so many bad reviews. I felt like a kid watching this film with all the action and plot. The action was so spot on that I felt like I was watching a Sunday morning cartoon of Spiderman. The visuals were outstanding and the CGI were much better then I thought, the origins to the villians were perfect. Jamie Fox(Electro) and Dan Dehaan(Green Goblin) really done an outstanding job in their roles. The movie actually makes you feel sorry for the villains in a way. If you're a Spiderman fan, you've got to see this movie and if you're a Marvel/Hero fan, this is a must see. The ending was that much more satisfying. Shocking ending and a cliff hanger to lead to more opportunities. This is the movie that had me finally accept Andrew Garfield as the iconic Spiderman (Sorry Tobey, but you still did great). Overall, The Amazing Spiderman 2 was involving and makes for a fun, action film to watch.

One thing I didn't like that much was the romance. There was just too much romance. It's like get a room! But that's my minor complaint about it.


Which film did you enjoy most?


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