ByBecca Castillo, writer at
Becca Castillo

Wow! What a turn The Vampire Diaries is taking! In the latest episode entitled "Man On Fire" viewers watched as Ezno tried to take back his revenge on the person responsible for killing the one person that made a difference in his life. As Caroline, Stefan, Elena, and Damon hide out at Caroline's Uncle's cabin to hide from the travelers, we see a bit of a jealous side of Caroline as she inquires about what is going on between Elena and Stefan. All the past seasons of Vampire Diaries has been able to twist and tug on our hearts in every direction. As we lead up to the epic finale I'm sure The Vampire Diaries will live up to it's expectations. According to The Vampire Diaries has promised multiple character deaths in this years season finale. Will it be Damon? The brother that has a dark side but is now trying to be a decent guy and stick around for his friends and family? I'm not so sure Damon will die this year. has also stated that according to The Vampire Diaries, Damon will never die. It can't be our leading star Elena Gilbert, that would completely ruin the entire show. Perhaps it will be a bittersweet goodbye for Stefan Salvatore? There does seem to be a slight bit of romance building between Caroline and Stefan, perhaps The Vampire Diaries will tease us with this possible future love only to take it away by killing Stefan.

Still, The Vampire Diaries has promised multiple deaths, and from past seasons they live up to their promises. Who do you think will die? Leave your comments below!


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