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When we last saw Batfleck, he was tracking down Red Hood and trying to put a stop to Hush all while keeping Ra's Al Ghul in check. Nightwing is beaten to a pulp by Killer Croc though he manages to somehow win the fight. Barbara Gordon ignores the refusal of her father to become Batgirl (more on that in the 3rd movie). Catwoman and Bruce and Vicky Vale are in a love triangle. Now to the sequel:

With Hush dead and Red Hood in hiding, Gotham seems like a pretty calm place after "Hush of The Red Hood" Still a crime-full, disgusting place, but the city has a sense of relief.


Directed by Ben Affleck


The movie starts off with Gotham media and citizens going H.A.M. on the news that this myth in a Bat costume is running around patrolling Gotham and fighting bad guys. Harvey Dent is introduced in the movie during a newscast showing him at an outside press conference telling the citizens that this "myth" will be brought to justice. Dent is great friends with Bruce Wayne and Dent helps bruce with the courtroom side of things. This friendship would be put to the test later on in the trilogy.

Batman, after the stress of dealing with the return of Jason Todd, the death of his childhood friend turned villain in Thomas Elliot, dealing with Nightwing who's in critical condition and the fact that he's Batman, he seeks out a the help of a therapist. This introduces the 1st villain of the movie:


Hugo Strange plays 1/2 of the villains in this film as one of his professions is a therapist in which he has full sessions with Bruce WAyne when it comes figuring out Bruce's problems. There's a scene where Bruce exits his session and another client walks in...this person is revealed to be Edward Nygma a.k.a. THE RIDDLER!

Turns out both Bruce and Edward have been seeing the same therapist in Strange.


Hugo Strange is examing Batman's motives, movements, style of fighting crime in order to fuel his larger plan of taking over Gotham and showing the world that Batman is irrelevant and he's the real savior of Gotham. He uses his sessions with Bruce as 'scouting' as he goes back to the lab (since he is a scientist) in order to further build his plan.

Edward Nygma is a lost soul who's highly intellegent but doesnt notice his true potential until Strange gives him the confidence to use his intelligence for good (at first). He always tells the truth and somehow things take a turn for the worst and his riddling technique is used to rob banks and commit heists. They'll be a huge square-off in the heart of Gotham (think the scene where the Joker gets captured by Gordon after the semi gets flipped) Batman and Nightwing in the middle of the city standing toe-to-toe with The Riddler with helicopter lights flashing and news cameras rolling right after The RIddler wreaks havoc on the city. Batman manages to remember the facial


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