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There have been reports all over the web since last year that powerhouse director Christopher Nolan, famous for the legendary Dark Knight trilogy, has been approached to direct one or several films in the James Bond franchise once Sam Mendes steps down, whenever that may be. Now, being Nolan's number one fan, I think this would be stupendous. And I got around to thinking, Nolan has a core cast of regulars that appear in a large number of his films, and it seems like with just that core cast, we have the makings for a perfect Bond film. So without further ado, here are my fantasy casting choices for a Nolan-directed Bond film.

Christian Bale as James Bond

As seen in: All three Dark Knight movies, The Prestige

Yeah, didn't see this one coming at all, right? Let's be real, guys, Craig is 46 years old, he can't do Bond forever. And with Bale being six years younger, that time could come sooner than we think. But aside from that, the man is English, he looks good in a suit, and he has amazing acting range. With an Oscar under his belt and a well-established image, he would be a natural and proficient choice for Bond.

Tom Hardy as James Bond or The Villain

As seen in: The Dark Knight Rises, Inception

Hardy has a presence onscreen that can be either likable or menacing. He'd be able to channel a suave and clever Bond like unto Brosman in

The World is Not Enough,

but also the brute force of Craig's Bond. These characteristics would also make him a formidable villain for the franchise.

Michael Caine as M

As seen in: All three Dark Knight movies, Inception, The Prestige

I'm apprehensive about this one because the casting of Ralph Fiennes as boss-man M is so perfect. But if Nolan were to reboot the whole cast and start fresh, Caine would rock the house as M. He'd add a whip-smart understatedness to the role, being able to transition between making snarky remarks and giving urgent orders. Plus, Caine was considered for the role of Bond back in the day, so it would be cool to see him come to the franchise, even in a different role.

Marion Cotillard as a Bond girl

As seen in: The Dark Knight Rises, Inception

The woman has been in two Bond films so far, and besides being gorgeous, she possesses the temperament necessary to convey the sultry, sexy attitude of a Bond girl. And in a series where most of the women are just as brainy as they are beautiful, she'd be able to deliver the prickly dialogue we've come to expect. Plus, she looks downright attractive holding a gun.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Q or as a CIA agent

As seen in: The Dark Knight Rises, Inception

Levitt is a popular property in Hollywood right now, finding a way to associate himself with any and every attractive project he can. Given his remarkable ability to learn accents (His New Jersey accent in

Don Jon

was perfect, and he did a good southern drawl in


he would be a good choice for brainy inventor Q. Or, if you feel that he'd be better suited to an American character, he could continue the long tradition of CIA involvement in the Bond franchise. I could easily go for either.

Cillian Murphy as Q or as The Villain

As seen in: All three Dark Knight movies, Inception

If you wanted a slightly older Q, Murphy would be your guy. He can channel intelligence and quiet very well. He could also reach into his darker, more intense side and pull out a pretty decent villain. His Scarecrow was a pretty good villain for Nolan's first Batman outing, but he eventually took a backseat to Liam Neeson. It's sad, but understandable. A Bond film could give Murphy the opportunity to hold his own as a central antagonist.

Gary Oldman as The Villain or M

As seen in: All three Dark Knight movies

He's a Brit, he's a Nolan regular, and if you haven't seen

The Professional, Sid & Nancy, Dracula


The Book of Eli,

you're missing out on performances by an actor who has proven time and again his ability to thrill and chill as a menacing villain. He could be put in the role of M and perform just as well, but the full force of his extraordinary ability would best be served in the role of a really, really bad guy.

Hans Zimmer as The Composer

As heard in: All three Dark Knight movies, Inception

This one is sort of a joke, but in all seriousness, if Nolan made a Bond film, Hans Zimmer providing the score would be all but a given. And if you're worried that Zimmer would try and stray from tradition like he did with

The Dark Knight, Man of Steel


The Amazing Spider-Man 2,

look no further than his score for

The Simpsons Movie,

which shows that he is more than able to take a beloved theme that is integral to its source's history and put his own spin on it while preserving its integrity. Zimmer+Bond theme= Another Oscar?

Morgan Freeman as Anybody
As seen in: All three Dark Knight movies
I don't think this one needs explaining. Morgan Freeman could play Katniss Everdeen and be the right choice.

Any thoughts? Anyone you think was left out? Let us know in the comments!

Nolan's next project, [Interstellar](movie:813746), hits theaters this November, with Nolan regulars Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway returning, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Topher Grace and John Lithgow joining the fold, and Hans Zimmer providing the music.


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