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The new, full length trailer for Gotham has just dropped - and it's already looking awesome. Telling the story of a young James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) as a rookie detective, the show will offer an insight into the world of Gotham in which Bruce Wayne grew up after his parents' murder. What's more, it'll feature young versions of pretty much the entire Batman rogues gallery at some point or another.

And guess what - the trailer is full close to bursting with sneak peaks, Easter eggs, and some wonderfully geeky visual touches. You can check out the trailer below, and then keep on going for a breakdown of all of its best hidden moments.

Note, there'll be SPOILERS for the comics, which could (who knows) turn out to be spoilers for the series, too.

So, let's get started:

First up (and skimming over the 'definitely not New York' shots of Gotham, we watch Gordon receive a lecture on the impending doom of Gotham from a mysterious man in a sewer. Could this be the - ultimately corrupt - Commissioner Loeb from Batman: Year One? Or a smartly dressed crime-lord such as Carmine Falcone?

Next up, we get a glimpse of Gotham's (unnamed) mayor. Could this be the inept Hamilton Hill? The corrupt Andy Krol? The gender-switching and eventually Adam West-voiced Marion Grange? We'll soon find out...

Our first good look at Gordon's partner, Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) comes next, with the more interesting question being the identity of the blurred figure behind him? A lot of speculation has her being fan-favorite Renee Montoya - but she looks conspicuously more like Zabryna Guevara, playing Sarah Essen. Essen, comic-book fans will recall, has a long history with Gordon (both professional and romantic) as well as with the Joker, should he appear in a later season.

It honestly wouldn't be a Ben McKenzie show if he didn't get to glower at someone at some point - and his more morally ambiguous colleague Bullock is the logical choice for Jim Gordon.

And then it's the Penguin! Oswald Cobblepot himself, played by Robin Taylor, is looking distinctly the worse for wear at the hands of Gordon, which suggests he's been up to some pretty nefarious stuff during the pilot.

Bullock introduces Gordon to a woman whose face we can't see - What are the odds it's Renee Montoya? Since the gentleman at the back of the shot looks a lot like her partner Crispus Allen, played by Andrew Stewart Jones, it certainly seems likely. The duo had some interesting story-lines together in the comic series Gotham Central, and more excitingly, Allen eventually ends up becoming an incarnation of (extremely peculiar) superhero The Spectre.

Next up, we get a good look at Jada Pinkett-Smith's Fish Mooney, a brand new character to the bat-franchise. If you didn't already know she was a vicious mobster - the trailer won't have left you with too many illusions. She's only signed on for one season - and is The Penguin's boss. How good do her long term survival chances seem?

Bullock, insistent that their fight against crime in Gotham is a war, reminds Gordon that he has killed before. A hint that we'll eventually see both Bullock and Gordon forced to kill?

Our first look at what is presumably Joe Chill, Bruce Wayne's parents' killer, is interestingly heavily disguised. Could this be leaving room for a later reveal that a major bat-villain was the real murderer?

And cue the traditional Bruce distraught over his parents bodies shot - only this time, the show offers us a great little visual Easter egg, referring back to Frank Miller's classic Batman: Year One.

Notice the resemblance?

We follow this with some very Batman Begins Gordon-Wayne bonding, before getting our first glimpse of Sean Pertwee's Alfred at the funeral. We've been promised a less stately, more all-action Alfred this time around, with Pertwee's Pennyworth being "a tough-as-nails ex-marine from East London".

Outside of another look at Fish Mooney and, in the form of (almost too close to her place of business) posters for the mayor's re-election campaign, we get another neat little Easter Egg - one that reveals the name of our hitherto nameless mayor. Meet Aubrey James. Odds are he's either corrupt or incompetent, and either way he's likely doomed.

A few quick reiterations of character's natures next - Bullock is rough-around-the-edges, Mooney is the big-bad, Gordon is all-action - before we enter into the realm of fast-paced character introduction. First up, Barbara Kean (and eventually Gordon?), Jim's love interest.

Next, we even get to see a certain Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman), as played by Camren Bicondova, with an implied early link between her and Bruce.

Followed a little later by her very much stealing his usual gargoyle-lurking thunder.

As well as looks at Cory Michael Smith as (a reportedly not initially villainous) future Edward E. Nigma, otherwise known as The Riddler.

Clare Foley as 'Ivy Pepper' a new take on Poison Ivy (traditionally named Dr. Pamela Isley), who seems to be inspired more from DC's New 52 approach to Ivy as a victim of abuse who turns to plants for comfort.

Plus, The Penguin already has an umbrella! This is always good news. Although admittedly often less so for his victims.

Just time before the trailer comes to a close to cram in one last iconic comic-book cover reference, before closing with possibly the most exciting thing of all:

Police Zeppelins!

What do you guys think? Which hinted story-lines are you most excited about - and what references have I missed? Let me know below!


Which hinted at story-line are you most excited about?

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