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Matt Smith showed up to give a Q&A at Wizard World Minneapolis last weekend and the fans who attended were especially keen to know how the 11th Doctor felt about his new successor. Of course, the genteel Thespian was about as complimentary as you would expect:

Peter will be brilliant. He’s a lovely man. He’s going to do something which is inventive and new, and he’s doing really well and he’s having a good time. I’m a massive fan of his before the show…I’m a fan, like you guys now. I think he’ll be brilliant.

All well and good Matthew, but will he be any better than you?

Will he be better than me? I hope not! He’ll be different, and it will be a different show and it will be a new show and that’s what Doctor Who is about, and I’ve got to let it go. And the great thing about it is everyone has their own Doctor. So, hopefully, there’s a few eight or nine-year-olds out there who I’ve claimed.

Indeed you have sir. Capaldi is a great bit of casting in our eyes and while he might have to keep it all a touch more PG than we're used to, we're still excited to see the Scot take it on. Are you guys on board too? Let us know below.

We'll be seeing Smith next week in Ryan Gosling's Lost River at Cannes before he heads back to America for the Terminator: Genesis shoot.

Capaldi will begin his TARDIS hopping adventure later this year.



Will Capaldi be a better Doctor?


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