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Remember when Rob was supposedly dating Riley Keough because he was spotted with her once last year? Nope? Well, apparently neither does Kristen, so you're in good company!

Kristen Stewart and Riley Keough got gussied up for the Met Ball together and posted the evidence for the world to see in these candid snaps. Not only do they look adorable in their curlers, but they also proved that they weren't going to let their friendship fall prey to ridiculous rumors.

The pair who met and become close friends on the set of 2010's Runaways look so at ease with their arms draped around each other that they could almost pass as sisters.

Check out the pictures of the gal pals below;

To be fair, Kristen is probably far to busy to even know about the half cooked rumors about Riley dating Rob, let alone believe them.

It must be tough when all of your close friends are repeatedly rumored to be dating your ex just to rack up the scandal points, but I am glad that these two lovely ladies aren't taking the tabloids to heart.

In the immortal words of My Little Pony - 'Friendship is magic'. Thankfully, Kristen and Riley remember that!

Do you think it's great to see Kristen Stewart and Riley Keough together again after the vicious rumors?


Do you think Kristen and Riley are right to brush the rumors aside?

(Source: Hollywood Life)

(Images: Oceanup and Tumblr, The Daily Mail)


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