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Every time we think we're done with the found-footage horror movie subgenre, a new flick comes along that hits us right in the chills.

Delivery: The Beast Within

is exactly one of these, centering on a very public child birth gone terribly wrong...

Here we have for you a devil of a clip from the Brian Netto-directed movie, so sit back (or hide behind the couch) and make sure that epidural shot is at the ready!

From the synopsis:

Rachel and Kyle Mess agree to let the cameras of the reality TV show 'Delivery' record the birth of their first child. But the nationwide delivery soon turns into a matter of life-and-death, when the future mother becomes convinced that a malevolent spirit has possessed her unborn child...

As if childbirth wasn't painful enough!

This looks worth throwing some pennies at when it hits theaters in 2014, right? Delivery: The Beast Within is set for a limited theatrical run from May 27, 2014.

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