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As if the prospect of this Fall's Star Wars Rebels wasn't exciting enough, it looks as though we'll be seeing at least one appearance in the show from one of the original series' main characters - Obi Wan Kenobi.

The confirmation? They've already made his action figure. You can check out a blurry, miniature image below, that seems to confirm a Star Wars Rebels edition action figure of Obi Wan, revealed by the Bothan spies at JediNews to have appeared at a Disney Store and Hasbro sneak peak event.

Picture here looking like Lincoln.
Picture here looking like Lincoln.

Rumors have been making their way around the internet that Mara Jade, an expanded universe favorite, is set to appear, most likely as a villain - but this is the first thing close to a confirmation that we will be seeing one of the heroes from either Star Wars: The Clone Wars or one of the trilogies. Which means we could expect even more - is it too much to hope that Rebels, set only five years before the events of Episode IV, could even feature a young Han Solo at some point?

What do you guys think? Who else from the films will we see in Star Wars Rebels? Let me know below!


Who else from the films will be seeing in Star Wars Rebels?



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