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In a neat little piece of viral marketing, Christopher Nolan and his team secretly dropped their super anticipated Interstellar trailer at the Lockheed Martin IMAX theatre in Washington's Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. The unsuspecting attendees were mostly schoolkids and parents, waiting on a screening of Hubble 3D. As the Washington Post describes it:

After a brief announcement, the trailer unspooled to show Matthew McConaughey driving his truck through corn fields while a lush orchestral score swelled in the background. Later, the fields had caught fire, an ominous dust cloud could be seen looming over a baseball game, and McConaughey (playing a character named Cooper) was reassuring his daughter that he loved her — right before being shot into space in order to save the world.

After 5 months of outer space silence we might be one quick loophole jump away from this long awaited tease.

Anyone out there near the Smithsonian? Willing to make that trip? Let us know below.

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On your way to Hubble 3D?


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