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Fresh from a double whammy of career revitalization with the critically acclaimed All is Lost and mega-hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Robert Redford is something of a hot property at the moment.

Next up for the one-time Sundance kid? A film adaptation of Bill Bryson's best-selling memoir A Walk in the Woods. The film has gone through some directorial turmoil en route to filming, with both Larry Charles and Richard Linklater having previously been set to direct, but has now entered production with Ken Kwapis at the helm.

Kwapis, best known for his work on He's Just Not That Into You (as well as a few classic episodes of Freaks and Geeks, fact fans) will direct Redford, Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson and comedy stalwarts Nick Offerman and Kirsten Schaal in the film, adapted for the screen by Michael Arndt.

The story of an aging travel writer hiking the 2000-mile Appalachian trail with an old high school buddy, the book is a classic piece of road (or hiking trail) trip comedy - and Kwapis certainly seems keen to bring that element to the screen. As he puts it:

“Bryson’s book is the ne plus ultra of travel memoirs. It’s also laugh-out-loud funny, and what excites me is giving two legendary dramatic actors the chance to flex their comedic muscles.”

Add the comedy legend that is Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman into the mix, with a rebooted Robert Redford raring to go toe to toe with Nick Nolte, and we could have something special on our hands.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about A Walk in the Woods, or will you be taking the hiking trail in the other direction? Let me know below!


Excited about A Walk in the Woods?



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