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The Centerpoint Station. Qolaraloq. The World Puller. The artifact that could solve the secrets of the galaxy. Or the weapon that would destroy it greater than the Death Star ever could. As Star Wars: Episode VII draws nearer, we start learning more and more about it. And if J.J. Abrams is planning to make a weapon of ultimate destruction for this, what better weapon than the Centerpoint Station. But what is Centerpoint? Where did it come from? What is it capable of? And, more importantly, what does this mean for Star Wars? In this Star Wars-themed article of the Geek Archives, I will explore the history of this iconic weapon from the expanded universe.

The Beginnings of Corellia

One of the many mysteries of the galaxy.
One of the many mysteries of the galaxy.

The Centerpoint Station was created thousands of years ago by an ancient species called the Killiks, who had originally named it Qolaraloq or the World Puller. The Killiks even used the power of the Force to build the station. The station itself has the ability to move and pull objects as big as stars within it's range by means of a 'hyperspace tractor beam'. Hundreds of years before the formation of the Old Republic, this power was used to move the planets of the Corellian system to their current location. And many eons after, the Corellians would soon discover it, but they wouldn't discover it's secrets for long after. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, a plan was made to use Centerpoint's tractor beam and destroy an entire Yuuzhan Vong fleet. When Anakin Solo refused the plan, Thrackan Sal-Solo fired the beam himself. However, his aim was off, which resulted in only half of the fleet being destroyed with the addition of three-quarters of the Hapan fleet, allies of the New Republic. By the end of the war and Anakin Solo's death, it seemed that the station could never be used again as it would only reactivate to Anakin's biometric patterns. But as the Second Galactic Civil War was nearing, Corellia was able to reactivate the weapon to try and gain independence from the Galactic Alliance (GA). Ben Skywalker discovered that the station was being controlled by an android created by Thrackan, who convinced it that it was Anakin Solo. But the station was of course disable when Ben revealed the truth to the droid, and was damaged by the GA’s forces. So that no one would ever gain the power of the Centerpoint Station, Luke Skywalker and the New Jedi Order had GA scientist and former spy Toval Seyah modify the station’s galactic data so that all it’s coordinations in the galaxy were that of the stations. And when Rikel, a man who lost his wife in Coruscant, sought revenge by aiming Centerpoint’s tractor beam at Coruscant itself, the beam redirected onto the station and destroyed it, everyone else on board, and all vessels within the blast radius. In many stories of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Centerpoint Station was both seen as a miracle that could solve the mysteries of the galaxy, and a weapon that could cause greater destruction than the Death Star itself.

The New Death Star

Could this be the weapon of Episode VII?
Could this be the weapon of Episode VII?

Now, if I've learned anything about J.J. Abrams's work, it's that there always has to be some sort of villain or weapon that is going to get people scared, blown-away, or leaving the show/movie with jaw dropping. And if they're getting any inspiration from the Expanded Universe, what better a weapon to use than Centerpoint? Now, I know that most of you are going to say the Sun Crusher, but in a nutshell the Sun Crusher is no different than the Red Matter in Star Trek (2009). If you want to see a weapon that's original and is going to cause more destruction than the Death Star ever did, then you're going to want Centerpoint in that movie. Now, I know that the producer of Episode VII already stated to IGN during WonderCon that they won't be taking any plot ideas from the Expanded Universe, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they won't have any material that was inspired from the Expanded Universe. So, we may not see Centerpoint Station in any of the movies, but we may see a weapon like it that connects to the very beginning of their universe. The main reason that I would like to see something like Centerpoint in the movies is because Centerpoint was a mysterious force created before any time dated in the original trilogy or any of the movies. It would be perfect for J.J. Abrams because a weapon like that creates so much mystery for the trilogy that it would be just his style. What do you think? Would you be down to see Centerpoint in Episode VII?

Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters December 18, 2015


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