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Ok its my first time doing this. I know the picture up top probably looks bad but let's move on. My question is who was the first Green Lantern? A lot of people think it was Hal Jordan and other people think it was John Stewart well if you know anybody that thinks that it was one of them.
Good news for you next time you see them you can tell them there wrong. Its actually Alan Scott of Earth 2 then Hal Jordan then John Stewart then Kyle Rayner. Alan Scott's ring was forged by science beyond man's comprehension. Hal Jordan John Stewart and Kyle Rayner rings were forged by magic that the Gaurdians used to forge all the other colored rings. Earth 2 started a little different the justice society of America from what I see started with the sane people from earth 1 except for Martain Manhunter. there was no Martian Manhunter on earth 2. plus the batman of earth 2 died eventually after he had a daughter and if you know a lot about earth 2 then you know who the daughter of earth 2s batman was and still is. But I've gotten off track so I'll end off with this question which green lantern do you most want to see on the big screen sound off in the comment section below to let me know how I did and which green lantern you want to see on the big screen most.


Which green lantern do you want to see on big screen most


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