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As all of civilized humanity knows, the final Harry Potter movie was released some time ago.. And as the fans, especially those who read the book know twenty years (maybe more I may be wrong) got skipped. That's one reason the series should have more books and movies but as other fans know Harry's father had quiet a fun past with his group of friends, the Marauders, aside from some of Snape's flashbacks as he dies we have no idea of any events that took place. And as the fans know the Golden Trio and others had children. The Next Generation, though never officially shown, is probably the most talked about era. People have different ships, write headcanons, and all that kind of stuff.

There are three possible reboots that can be done if J.K. Rowling was willing.

1. She could write about that twenty years and let us know what happened between the end of the Great Wizarding War and every body settling down, plus we could get some Weasley twin feels.

2. She could write about the Marauders and enlighten us of the many journeys and pranks of James, Surius, Remus, and Peter, as well as depict the drama of Lily between Severus and James.

3. She could write about the next generation so we can find out where every body gets sorted and who dates who. We can see our beloved characters as parents. Maybe Dracos ways have changed. Maybe the Weasley's and Potters can be neighbours. We could see a reunion between our characters and see their children interact with a new Hogwarts, some characters of the original series could become professors. We could see our favorite characters whose deaths we mourned as ghosts interacting with the children they didn't live to see, knowing Harry and the rest were doing well.

Voice your opinions below. Would you like to see one of these reboots? More than one? None? Oh and I'm tagging a random movie because Harry Potter isn't a tag on here.


Should there be a reboot or reboots?


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