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Who'd have thought we'd get this much news about the upcoming Star Wars trilogy in just two weeks? Last week, we learned the names of our lead actors, and this week, we even got a working title (maybe).

Well, to follow up the latest Star Wars news, it's also been revealed that characters from the upcoming TV series, "Star Wars: Rebels", will be around in Episode VII.

You may recall that this is the TV series that will be taking place in between Episode III and IV, and it will center around the early days of the Rebellion. The news comes courtesy of John Morton, the actor behind Dak Ralter in The Empire Strikes Back, who even filled in for Boba Fett to say the famous line, "He's no good to me dead."

During an interview with Movie Cricket, Morton revealed this:

Rebels is the key. Rebels will provide the link to bring in the continuity from Clone Wars, the Original Trilogy and the Prequels to enable LucasFilm and Disney to tee-up ‘Episode VII’. If you want my informed opinion, it will enable ‘Episode VII’ to leapfrog over the whole trilogy.

The idea is that the storyline for "Rebels" will enrich the background of the story behind the original trilogy (Episodes IV through VI). Morton had more to say:

The key that is going to make this work is Rebels. Rebels will set up and point the direction for ‘Episode VII’.

So there you have it. When it comes to how "Rebels" will relate to the new trilogy (which will be 30-40 years after the story), my best guess will be that it has to do with Ezra, a boy who is strong in the force. He is being groomed by Kanan, a former Jedi who survived Order 66, and Ezra could be a veteran soldier or even Jedi (hey, maybe even a Sith?) by the time we get to Episode VII.

Further, it's been rumored that the title of Episode VII will be "An Ancient Fear." If there are villains we've yet to meet within the story of "Rebels" that tie back to ancient Sith, then that would definitely inform a compelling antagonist (or group of antagonists) we'd see decades later in the new trilogy.


Does this make you want to watch "Star Wars: Rebels" on Disney XD?

Source: Movie Cricket


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