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Made in 2013 in South Korea, this movie surprised me by it's overall quality. Not saying that our friends overseas can't make good movies, but they don't always have the big budget or big writers that Hollywood can produce... That said.. Here's a brief synopsis of the movie.

A group of illegal immigrants are smuggled to South Korea inside a shipping container, but when it's opened in Bundang by traffickers, an affluent suburb of Seoul, it's discovered that all of the immigrants are dead, except for one man, a carrier of a deadly strain of H5N1 (avian influenza, or bird flu). As the man escapes, he quickly spreads the virus to nearby residents.

You can either find it English Dubbed, or English Subtitled, which ever suits ur need and I strongly suggest you to give it a look.

Apocalyptic movies are not a new thing. It's a subject that has been done before, but this movie, which does start a little "cheesy", soon grabs you and doesn't let go, like a deadly virus !! For the most part, the acting is pretty solid and while there is a little bit of comedy, it feels forced as the overall fell of the movie is a real serious one. You have it all. You have the male rescuer who saves a lady, who later reveals to be a doctor and also a mother of a sweet little daughter. Park Min-ha, the 7 year old who plays the young Mir deserves a Oscar, mostly steals the show by her acting. One of the best child actors I saw in the last decade.

Of course, behind all this mayhem of a pandemic, there's the whole political issue of wanting to put the city of Bundang in quarantine while a solution is found. I cannot really talk more of the movie whitout falling into spoiler territory, so I will in fact cut it short. If you can find it in a language you understand though ( I was lucky enough to find in French Dubbed, although translation was a little spiffy at times ) and I had a awesome time. It rivalises easily with any of the bigger productions Hollywood can bring. Just don't expect a all-out Zombie Infested Gorefest with paper thin character devloppement. This movie makes you care for the people in it and mostly centers on the drama of the situation and how they live through it.

A must watch.

Now for a quick poll.


If you would learn a virus hits your town that is to be put in quarantine, what would u do ?


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