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If you've read anything about Kevin Smith on this blog before then you'll know how much I admire the man. So it should be no surprise that I'm celebrating him after his adventures this weekend. During Friday night's recording of Hollywood Babble On, with Ralph Garman, Mr. Smith had to control a rather unpleasant heckler.

You can listen to the episode at SModCo. If you want to skip to the incident it starts at 01:03:06 when Mr. Smith and Mr. Garman discuss George Clooney's plans to marry. What follows shows that Mr. Smith will not tolerate bigotry at one of his shows. Well played sir.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

Those familiar with Mr. Smith will know he is a modern day raconteur, and a self confessed "waking baker". He strikes me as being a particularly gentle soul. He is rarely ever vindictive or mean, treating people with respect, even when they are a touch out of control, but here Mr. Smith puts many years of experience handling his audience to good use. He allows the heckler just enough room to fall on his own sword before shutting him down and having him ejected from the building. Just goes to prove you can be a provocative, edgy stoner filmmaker who says what thinks in a steady stream of colourful metaphors, and still hold people to a high standard.

And I think Ben Affleck and Matt Damon might owe Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier a debt of thanks, for the record!

By Marc Godsiff

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