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Recently Michael Myers and the Halloween films have been getting a lot of attention because of the new film that's been announced. And to add on to that I read while doing some research that Christopher Nolan was set to direct the reboot of Halloween last year sometime. And yes I'm talking about the same Christopher Nolan who directed the highly successful Dark Knight trilogy.

Now I know this is old news, but somehow this got past me last year. Well I know now, and I'm pretty surprised this was actually going to happen at some point.

It apparently happened after Malek Akkad (son of the legendary Moustapha Akkad) contacted Mr. Nolan after seeing Inception, and asked him if he'd be interested in directing a Halloween film, and he surprisingly said yes! Here is some of what he had to say about actually being asked to work on the legendary franchise.

“I never thought in a million years that someone of my newfound stature, would be asked to helm a film with Michael Myers.”

Afterwards Mr. Nolan met with Weinsteins, came to some sort of agreement, and decided to start on a script. He admitted to not knowing a whole bunch about the franchise and decided to go back and watch every movie while Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer wrote the first draft. He even gave a brief opinion on each Halloween saying the first was a classic, 2, 4, and H20 were great, 5 and 6 were questionable, 8 was horrible(Lol), the remake was ''well intentioned'', and he didn't say anything about the last sequel to the remake.

Lastly he said that they did finish the script, and it was going to be shot in IMAX. But he followed by saying ''plans fell through somewhere down the line. I’m not exactly sure what happened. They moved on, and so did I.''

So whether or not that was going to be a good thing we won't know for sure But you can judge for yourself after reading some of what Mr. Nolan said about his vision for Michael Myers and the Halloween movie that never was. ''I wanted to bring back the idea of Michael Myers as the Shape. I wanted to do away with the back story and motives that Rob Zombie gave him in the two films. I wanted sheer suspense and tension, versus the blood and gore of the sequels. I wanted to go back to what John Carpenter did with the original."

Sounds good to me! But what do YOU think?


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