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Back in March we showed you the first official trailer for Disney’s must-see movie, “Maleficent” staring Angelina Jolie. Well today we shall give you a look at some great character posters as well as an IMAX Poster AND a featurette for the film. (I know, I know, it seems like a lot but ou can NEVER have too much Angelina Jolie…)

Disney's Character Poster For Maleficent
Disney's Character Poster For Maleficent

After hearing how excited Jolie was about playing the part and after seeing the trailer we really are looking forward to this one and lucky for us, May 30th is JUST around the corner. Watch a new featurette where Jolie and Fanning talk about the film over on BLURPPY.COM. We also have ALL the character posters up as well.


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