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Season 3, Episode 1, "Seed"

The start of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 3 finds Rick and the group entering and clearing a house for temporary refuge. Its evident that quite a bit of time has passed since we last saw our survivors. Aside from Lori's advanced pregnancy, Hershel's beard and Carl's makeshift silencer, the group seems to have become a close-knit cohesive unit, with Rick, the obvious man in charge. The entering, deployment and subsequent clearing of the house is very militaristic. The non-verbal communication, the confidence and trust they show in each other proves how close and tight-knit the group has become. Their continued survival is a direct result of their working together and Rick's leadership. When Rick takes the can of dog food away from Carl and throws it away is noteworthy, because I think it shows that Rick is not quite ready to sink that low in terms of survival. Not yet, anyway.

During the securement of the prison, Rick's leadership and determination really shine. Nothing is going to stop this man from securing a safe haven for his people. The smile on his face when he is in the guard tower, picking off walkers and seeing his group work as a unit, says it all.

At the start of the season, its obvious that Rick and Lori are estranged. (No surprise here), and it is never more clearer the night before they secure the prison. Rick has deep-rooted issues concerning Lori, and rightfully so, in my opinion. This problem becomes very apparent during their brief conversation, which Rick seems reluctant to even have.

Rick's leadership abilities shine again when he, Daryl, Glen, Maggie and T-Dog clear the prison yard and one of the cell blocks of walkers. Under Rick's guidance, and working as a team, they go in hand-to-hand and successfully secure a cell block for the group. I think its noteworthy that after everyone picks a place to rest, Rick slides down the wall to the floor outside of the cell blocks, exhaustion setting in, his people tucked in and safe. Tired and exhausted but still vigilant.

Rick Saves Hershel

When Hershel is bitten, fast thinking and fast acting Rick realizes there is only one way to save Hershel's life. It was a brutal and unexpected event and the look of pain and regret on Rick's face, as he was chopping off Hershel's leg, says it all.

To be continued. As always, thoughts and comments are welcome below.

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