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Jerome Maida

Incredible! Just when everyone thought Frozen had hit it's final milestone last week, it reminds everyone that it's a phenomenon without precedent.

Everyone thought Frozen had reached it's final milestone last week, when it hit the $400 million domestically, with just enough kids dragging their parents to see the tale on the big-screen despite the fact it has been on DVD since March 18.

Frozen definitely seemed done climbing the Worldwide Box-Office Chart, seeing as how it was $100 million shy of Iron Man 3 two weeks ago, with it down to under 400 theaters in the United States and seemingly having played out in all major markets save Japan, where it had just finished it's sixth weekend at #1.

However, it has remarkably not only continued its fantastic run in Japan, but actually gained box-office strength there.

It added $11.1 million in its eighth weekend in theaters. Incredibly, that's the movie's top weekend so far there. To date, it has grossed $143.2 million in Japan, and should continue to put up strong numbers for weeks to come.

On a worldwide basis it reached $1.17 billion, and is now around $46 million away from topping Iron Man 3.


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