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To begin, I'm gonna say that I am kinda looking forward to Arkham Knight, in a way that I'm not sat in my room waiting for it, but I'm not just dismissing at first sight. I look forward to seeing what Rocksteady can do and if they can pull back the series.


So this is he, the one and only, the big B. Everyone is anticipating what kind of butt-whooping's we'll be able to give in the new game, I'm here to give a few more details that you might not have heard!

Obviously the Caped Crusader will be once again voiced by Kevin Conroy, a personal idol of mine and many Bat-fans, at this stage, even with a lot of people used to Bale's take on the voice, I still don't think the true drama and general punch that Conroy delivers can be beaten!

Naturally the next thing I was wondering about was the suit and car, and I've got the answers! According to a source, the Bat will start out with the traditional Arkham suit that were all used to but later receive an upgrade and get the more streamlined and dramatic armour, apparently designed to compliment the new Batmobile! Speaking of the car, the developers have said that it will take up a whopping 160mb of memory as it contains so many polygons and various design features! They also promised it to be "The best car in any game ever!" This has left a lot of people looking forward to what they will find when they open the garage!

The Dark Knight and his steed!
The Dark Knight and his steed!

Bruce Wayne

You may wonder why I put this as a separate section, and that's because it was rumoured that we may get to play as normal clothed Bruce Wayne and travel around Gotham as him! That would be an interesting experience! Also whilst were in that area, apparently we might be able to actually control Wayne Enterprises ourselves and not have to leave all of the paper work to the big wigs...pfft.

Story-line and Villains

This game certainly seems to be taking a more broad approach to the story concerning Bruce personally and not only Batman. Apparently this is going to be a big, 'explosive' end to the trilogy (not worth talking about Origins) and promises the best story of all! The Joker is gone, as this is based after the events of City, and the rest of Gotham's cunning (or just strong) villains are joining forces to take down Batman and finish it once and for all, but will we let them? With villains; Penguin, Riddler, Harley Quinn and Two-face confirmed, along with Scarecrow to unite them all, it sure looks like it's gonna be a brilliant game and conclusion to the series!

Not to mention the brand new addition to the family, created by DC's chief creative officer: Arkham Knight. This aptly named villain is said to have all the same skills that Batman has and will "Really challenge Batman to go head to head with him in lots of different ways.” According to a source this is a more military style Bat with an "A" on his chest, I'm certainly intrigued!

Arkham Knight pins down the Batman
Arkham Knight pins down the Batman

Along with all these great challenges there is reportedly five times the amount of thugs wondering around and occasional riots breaking out with as many as 50 participants!


By that I mean allies...and boy are there some good advances! Most noteworthy of which is Barbara Gordon, in this game she is finally in the role of Oracle and adds a face to the name! Apparently her father Jim believes that she has disappeared but she is secretly helping us get through the game in a much more personal way than has ever been experienced in one of these games before! They have also decided to stick to the comic story-line and have her paralysed by the Joker years before.

Barbara getting her head in the game!
Barbara getting her head in the game!

This is all I know about Arkham Knight so far but I hope it has helped some of you out there, as I find out more I will keep you posted! Cheers guys.

And remember, tune in next time! Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!


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