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The Return Of The Wookiee

So the Star Wars Team handled everything beautifully last week. The perfect cast was announced in the perfect manner, a nice message from J.J. and Larry on Star Wars Day, everything was going well. Then it got better, when this happened!

That's Disney chief Bob Iger right there. Being photobombed by The Mighty Chewbacca! If this is the sort of coverage we can expect from the set then I'm happy! Chewy and the Droids are perhaps the only characters we can expect to remain unchanged in the new movie, so wardrobe isn't exactly a guarded secret, so expect more of them for the time being. Maybe a Millennium Falcon shot or two. Things are looking,and feeling pretty good.

Have you ever seen an executive as happy as Bob Iger? I think we can probably expect more of these images directly from him now, especially as principle photography is due to start. Expect a title announcement at ComicCon this summer, a teaser poster and trailer by Christmas, an international poster at Star Wars Celebration and the theatrical trailer in spring 2015.

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By Marc Godsiff

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