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Nicolas Carmona

This weekend we only had one major movie coming out and that is [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) which opened with $91.6 million taking the number one spot for the weekend; though a very strong number, it is not what I thought it was going to get and even though other movie sites are saying that the results are due to franchise fatigue, I personally believe was their marketing that killed it, too much can hurt a film and the bombardment that we got from this was too huge that probably turned off some people, it will also affect it on the other end because it's budget for marketing was a little over $180 million, which means it will be very tough for the movie to break even; I reviewed the movie over the weekend and even though the story it's nothing we haven't seen before it fits with the summer blockbuster fun type of movie and I still think everyone should go see it. On second place we got The Other Woman with $14.4 million and third place Heaven is for Real with $8.6 million. Captain America 2 still on the top 5 with $7.8 million and lastly Rio 2 with $7.7 million.

We have opening this week, [Neighbors](movie:401406), Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return and Mom's Night Out (also Chef which I am very excited to see). Out of these possibly Neighbors will take the biggest chunk from TASM2 but I still believe that Spidey will keep the top and Mom's Night Out will take from The Other Woman so my prediction is:

1. TASM2
2. Neighbors
3. Mom's Night Out
4. Heaven is for Real
5. Capt 2/The Other Woman


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