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Quick note: Scroll down past the Sinestro picture if you want to get to the point!

So as we all know, the Green Lantern film back in 2011 was far from the ultimate comic book movie. To be honest many people hated it, while others (Me) thought it was relatively good.

From what i have noticed, the main issue that the Green Lantern film had was the fact that the main villain was one of GL most powerful villains right off the bat... Parallax! Not only that, he wasn't very well written as a villain even suffered the usual and unfortunate live action smoke cloud villain syndrome (other villains who have suffered with this have been Darkseid on Smallville, and Fantastic Four's Galactus). Not only that, but they went straight out and said that the fallen Guardian Krona became Parallax.

This isn't right... did nobody think this through?
This isn't right... did nobody think this through?

One of the things that the film did do right on the other hand was Sinestro, Mark Strong was the perfect Sinestro and until i actually see another performance better than his, I will remain convinced that he needs to continue his story! In the comics Sinestro is the former mentor and of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), who later gets fed up with the way the guardians are taking care of the Universe. He later decides to turn on the guardians and the Corps., including Hal Jordan. The movie did a great job depicting Sinestro's emotions towards the guardians and towards Hal. (whom he looks down upon because of his species and because he is the successor to Sinestro's greatest friend, Abin Sur; although he later earns Sinestro's respect) At first Sinestro shows complete and utmost confidence in his strength and in the power of the Corps and the guardians. Later in the film you see him start to lose faith not only in the guardians, but in the power of Will after watching a small group of his best lanterns get decimated in battle against "Parallax". At the end of the film, we are treated to a nice little mid credits scene where Sinestro trades in his Green ring of will for a Yellow one of fear, this of course foreshadows his path to creating the Sinestro Corps.

You have to admit... This looked SICK!
You have to admit... This looked SICK!

Now, i know what you are all thinking, "How does this all tie into fixing the film with a sequel?" Some of you might notice a few of my theories floating around in the comments section of different one of your articles, two are about how the BvS film may go and the other about how a Green Lantern sequel would happen, if i were to direct it. Here goes...

GL2 Plot: Sinestro Corps war.

The film should start off with opening credits. (haven't really seen those in films in a while) The opening credits should be Kilowag and a "Poozer" (Noob lantern/ fresh recruit... Maybe it can be B'dg) at the main power battery. The "Poozer" sticks his ring in the main power battery as Hal did in the Green Lantern: First Flight animated film, (This serves to get new recruits up to date on the history of the GL Corps, as well as get them up to date with current events within a matter of seconds). The opening credits are actually scenes from the first movie including the attack from "Parallax" and his eventual defeat at the hands of Hal Jordan, the final scene in the opening credits would be Sinestro putting on the yellow ring. Then while Kilowag and B'dg are talking... Sinestro unleashes an attack on Oa and the Guardians. This calls for the guardians to call upon all the most skilled lanterns and Hal ends up showing up to fight Sinestro. During the fight Hal questions Sinestro on his motives and reasoning behind this attack.

  Sinestro as seen on GL: First Flight
Sinestro as seen on GL: First Flight

The following conversation would go like this...

(Hal): "Sinestro! Why are you doing this?!?! You were one of us!!!

(Sinestro): "I was never one of you!"

(Yeah, a quick nod to conversation between Guy Gardner and Sinestro in Batman: Brave and the Bold)

(Hal): "What do you mean?"

(Sinestro): "The events leading up to your battle on Earth opened my eyes to the true power and effectiveness of fear, and the unwillingness of the Guardians to act against it."

(Hal): "Sorry to burst your bubble Sinestro, but i defeated Parallax that day on Earth, thus proving fear is no match for true will Power!"

(Sinestro): "Fool! You really believed that was truly the extent of Parallax's power? That was merely a TASTE of what the power of fear can do! One of the many things the Guardians hide from you is that each Corps. is powered by living entities that embody each emotion.

(Hal): "You mean there are more power sources out there?!"

yeah... mind blowing right?!
yeah... mind blowing right?!

(Sinestro): "Of course there are, and one of them happens to be fear."

(Hal): "Why wouldn't they mention this to anyone?"

(Sinestro): "Good question Jordan. You see the Guardians have a way of keeping their GL dogs in the dark, only telling them what THEY feel needs to be known. It's a way to keep everyone in check."

(Hal): "Now you caught my attention, I mean I always knew something was off about those little blue guys, but i could never have imagined something like this..."

(Sinestro): "That's why I like you Jordan, the one attribute I admire in you humans is your curiosity, always asking questions, never just taking orders. That's why i decided to train you, I guess I saw a little bit of myself in you. That is why I will offer you this opportunity only one time. Join my army Jordan and we will restore peace to this universe, the peace that the guardians have promised and failed to deliver."

(Hal): "This is not peace Sinestro, this is subjugation. You can't possibly believe you can create peace with fear. Green Lanterns fight to protect the universe and it's freedom, we don't control it! Nor should we try! Plus, I'm flattered you see yourself in me, but if rocking the french 'stache is a prerequisite to joining you... leave me out!"

(Sinestro): You're a fool Jordan, I offered you a way out of this, I offered you a way to live through this and a position as my right hand in the reformation of the universe, and what do you do? You mock me! Now I have no choice but to kill you!"

(Hal): I won't let you do this! I defeated Parallax once before and I will defeat you as well. I will not allow fear to infect me and warp my mind like it did you and Krona!" (Maybe foreshadowing to a future film in which Hal Jordan turns evil and it is revealed he was indeed infected by Parallax at one point)

Parallax Hal Jordan
Parallax Hal Jordan

(Sinestro): You have no clue of what is going on Jordan. You did NOT defeat Parallax! The fallen Guardian Krona was a fool, He was merely infected by the being known as Parallax which was hidden away by the guardians! He was unable to control the full power it offered, but I can! He fuels the Yellow Lantern Corps! MY Corps! The SINESTRO CORPS!!! Now you shall truly feel my power. Now you shall experience TRUE FEAR!!! In blackest day, in brightest night,Beware your fears made into light Let those who try to stop what's right, Burn like my power.. SINESTRO'S MIGHT!"

This is how they could re-introduce parallax as a truly powerful entity and build from there, while fixing the MAIN error in the GL film. This way Parallax himself, isn't truly the villain Hal fights on Earth in GL1, but merely one of his pawns. The only difference I would do in the depiction of the Sinestro Corps. War would be to tweak it and leave out the involvement of other heroes in the DCCU. Make this strictly a GL story. This way you keep it from becoming a JL film. This way you mention other emotions and entities in the spectrum and open the possibility of other Corps. such as the Red Lanterns, or Blue lanterns, in future films. Maybe in each film you introduce a new Corps.

GL2 = Sinestro corps. and Blue Lantern halfway through, since the yellow power was introduced in the first film and the second would only build off of it.

GL3= Carol Ferris and her Star Saphires

GL4= Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps.

GL5= Larfleeze's Orange Lantern and the Indigo tribe. Larfleeze can try to take over the Indigo's power because of the overwhelming avarice that is brought upon him by the Orange Lantern. In the after credits it could speak of an upcoming "Blackest Night prophecy," which sparks the next film.

GL6= War of Light story, which serves as a prequel for the Blackest Night film

The Blackest Night/Brightest Day story arch would serve as the last JL trilogy bringing in several heroes.

I know everything after the second film idea is far fetched, but you can't deny it would be fun to watch!

Tell me what you think in the comments below!!!


What do you think about my GL sequel idea?


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