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Every comic fan with an Internet connection remembers when pictures of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane leaked online last summer. The comments were... Not nice. Since then, director Marc Webb has addressed why [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) didn't have enough room for MJ. I recently chatted with Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy, and she revealed more about the content of her scene with Shailene Woodley. If you haven't seen the movie, beware of major spoilers!

Is it weird knowing that this was your last movie and they're essentially going to cast your successor?

Emma Stone: We shot scenes together! No, it didn't feel weird at all. I shot scenes with Shailene (Woodley) who I adore. She was amazing. I think the storyline, as you can see, would be kind of complicated if you added another love story in the midst of what ultimately is going to happen. I think it was kind of becoming like if Romeo and Juliet were on their way to the end and he sort of fell in love with the pharmacist's daughter also, and they have a thing going on. It felt a little overstuffed with the love story, so that was the only reason that that ended up changing. I actually kind of liked it and there was actually a really beautiful scene between Gwen and Mary Jane. I don't know if they want me telling you this, but whatever, it's almost over. There was a really beautiful scene between Gwen and Mary Jane that we shot where Gwen is going to say goodbye and Mary Jane's on the porch and they talk to each other. Gwen says, "Will you give him this message for me?" And then, the last line was, "Oh, I didn't say my name. I'm MJ." and I say, "I'm Gwen," and I'm about to go to London and say, "I'm really glad I got to meet you MJ." And then I leave for London, which makes me want to cry even now. It was beautiful. It was like a knowing, so if the storyline had actually stayed in, I think it would have been kind of amazing, but I think it just felt like so much and so kind of odd to kind of have him connecting that early on. I think one of the most inspiring things about Peter Parker and Spider-Man and most people don't realize - if you haven't read the comics, you don't know the Gwen Stacy story because it happened in the early '70s. Most people know Peter Parker post-Gwen without even knowing his relationship. But I think what happens with Gwen is so - informs so much of what ends up happening with the woman that he ends up with. I'm excited to see what happens with Mary Jane. I think him overcoming such a horrific experience in his life is one of the most inspiring things: That you can love again. You can feel responsible and still pick yourself up and find a way to let love in. I don't know if I was supposed to tell you that. Whatever!


Do you wish MJ was in ASM2?


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