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Mythica is an amazing fantasy film series currently in development by Arrowstorm Entertainment that caters directly to what fans of franchises like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and [Game of Thrones](series:201531) like most about each of the different movies and combines them into one! Sounds cool, right?!

Possibly the coolest part about this film series is that we, the movie fans, get to decide just how good or bad the film ends up being. How is that you ask?! Well, the revolutionary idea behind this film series is that we the fans choose how much support we give to the development of the film, which determines the quality of the final product.

As a supporter of the film, you also get some pretty awesome benefits: by pledging a mere $20 on the their Kickstarter you are guaranteed the DVD signed by the film's cast and crew, along with the full soundtrack and the movie poster for download! If $20 is too much, fret naught! There are prizes for even smaller donations! As well as some awesome bigger prizes, of course!

(Just to put this out there, if you're looking for a career in film business, the $1,000 reward would look amazing on your resume!)

Below are three new stills from this top-notch Indie film:

Necromancer Marek gathering a team of warriors.
Necromancer Marek gathering a team of warriors.

I recently had the chance to interview Jake Stormoen and Adam Johnson about the films, and this is what Jake had to say:

The con is that [we] don't have an already existing fan base, so the initial buildup can be a bit more difficult. Which I think is why [our] Kickstarter is so important; it's something [we] use just as much for pre-sales of the project and getting people excited, as much as [we] do for actually finalizing the product. But all the effects in the teaser are place-holder, so it can only get better from there, which I think is exciting!

The Mythica series follows the adventures of Marek, a wizard born with the dark power of necromancy, as she attempts to wield the very power that threatens to overtake her, all the while building a team of adventurers to stop another powerful Necromancer in his plot to use the Darkspore to unleash a plague of the undead upon the land.

For anime and video game fans out there, the villain of the series is played by none other than voice actor Matthew Mercer, who has done voices for characters in Call of Duty, Naruto Shippuden, The Last of Us, Monsters University, Halo 4, Metal Gear Solid, Arkham Origins, Skylanders, World of Warcraft, Fire Emblem, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy, and countless other top-notch productions.


Will you support Mythica?


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